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I've been working on my personal site on and off for about a week and after a few redesigns I came up with this. It's not 100% complete, but I wanted to see what some other people could help me with to make it look better.


The three circles in the center are the different parts of the site. When you mouse over the circle, the upper right hand text will change to correspond with what circle you are over. So, if you mouse over the left most circle, the text in the upper corner will change to Level Textures. Tell me what you think and crits are most appreciated.


  • Steakhouse
    Is this going to be in HTML or Flash? Also what resolutions do you intend this to be viewed at, and do you plan on having it scale to fit higher resolutions?
  • LaSexorcisto
    HTML, no flash at all. 800x600 is what it's designed for, but the finished site is about 800x725. The black space below the circles will scale down.
  • Steakhouse
    The resolution controls what you can display horizontally, but you can go nuts vertically. It's possible to design a site so that as you add more information, images, etc. the framework of the site will stretch to accommodate this new information. This is most useful if you're displaying images without resorting to java script popup windows. Using a system like this would help fill up that dead space that would appear at the bottom of the window.
  • r13
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    r13 founder
    keep it simple. i've watched more than a couple portfolio sites get tossed away because it was too complex to update over time. make sure its easy and quick or you might find yourself not touching it very often
  • jzero
    The design of the site shouldn't get in the way of the work. Or confused with it.

    Peppi still rules the school on this one, AFAIC.

  • Steakhouse
    You guys have a very good point. Peppi's site is REALLY nice in its simplicity.
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