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3D render: Donkey Ice Cream with Fruit 'n Cake!

I just had to get this out of my system. I haven’t done a proper 3D render with lights and stuff for a while. I did this dog and I though it could be a good project to take it a bit further. And yesterday I decided to add some walls and after a while the whole concept came to life. I added a window and then I decided to have some flailing curtains, and so on. I played around with a lot of lights also to add depth to the simple room. I modeled all props apart from the dog which I did a few days ago. So this is the result of stuff I've managed to do within the last 24 hours. The concept of the ice-cream box is due to the owner just using old boxes and such to put his dog's food in. I also wanted to leave the viewer with a sense that something is going on some sort of suspense, the mildly startled look of the dog and the curtains being rustled by the wind added to that effect.

It is not perfect; I could do more to it. Crits are welcome. All textures are done in Photoshop. I did some normal mapping for the dog in Zbrush, and the render and all models are finished up in Max 7.


  • r13
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    my first impressions is that you really need to experiement moew with lighting and getting used to the tools offered. look into falloff specifically. the over all modeling and textureing looks decent, but your light hot spots are just wrecking it for me.
  • ewooz
    You are right, I've got to learn myself more about lights and materials that's why I wanted to do this thing. I am working on the light settings, I guess setting up the lights is an art in itself and needs a lot of tweaking. I'll post an update as soon as I've got it ready. Thanks for the critique r13.
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