Celestial Knight, possible SDK.

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just wondering how many people would have a go at this if i released an SDK?

also, any completed skins will be added to the model when i release it for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, with full credits given to anyone who wants their skins included, anyone who just wants to skin it and not have their skin included, thats fine too =].

Technical info: model is just under 3500 triangles, consists of the armour, and a head + legs of a body underneath, the armour on the head consists of a helmet made from 2 plate layers, and the rest of the armour is mostly plated also.

Im about to UVW map it, ill post the map when im done, so you can all let me know what to change to make it easier for you all =]

thats about it.

who's interested?

ps. what map size would you all like? JKA supports 1024, no bump, but specular is a yes.



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