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Ninja girl

polycounter lvl 13
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Crylar polycounter lvl 13
OMG how utterly very original - Yeah I know!

Ok so the title should probably be Ninja/Assassin/swat Chick. Bu that many slashes would just look stupid so stfu.

Anyways, This is the concept of which I'm using for this model I am currently working on.

the sword is kind of done

And here is the chick

Any comments and critics are welcome.
It's supposed to be a black girl/woman, and yes she will have shaved head.
I'm still in an early stage and now is the time were I would need help on the shapes and such.


  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 14
    Looking like a good start. She seems to have a little bit janky proportions, but the geometry looks good for the most part. You'll probably need another loop around the waist, just below her butt, another ring around her ankle, and possibly another cut on her elbow. I'd do a test rig first to see if you want to move geometry around or add in places.

    She's kind of cool in that she is so plain, but I don't know if that ornate sword fits well with her "look". Her face seems to smooth wierdly, particularly above the lips and below the nose.

    The face profile and straight on look good, but her 3/4 view looks a little wierd in the cheek area.

    Be sure to texture it!
  • Justin Meisse
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    Justin Meisse polycounter lvl 15
    The sword is great, but I agree with poop, it doesn't really match her. The sword outshines her, so either give her a bunch of swirly ornate capes and armor or give her a simpler sword. Good job on the sword though, it's got that ornate and complex Final Fantasy look to it without being just another buster sword knock-off.
  • EarthQuake
    Meshflow on the head is getting better, i think the cheeks stick out too far and you still have issues with the lips. You need to work on tranistioning the lips into the cheeks as it gets closer to the corner of the lips, right now its just a harsh line all the way around. Nostrils look too wide, you should make the bridge of the nose curve in a little in the side view and smooth out to blend in with the face for a more feminine look. Eyes are definately too far apart there should be one eye lenth between and 5 eye lengths across the head. Unless thats a perspective screenshot then it might not be so bad. On the whole i think it seems a little hard-cut and could use some smoothing out aswell.

    Sword is cool, body is good for the most part but as those guys said its looking way too detailed for her. Whats with all the chamfered edges there? Going for that much of a polycount and having significantly less density in the character is very inconsistant.

    Reference is your friend, dont rely on your concept as a strick guide to modeling, especially when it comes to doing human faces.
  • TryForce
    well since im a getho/rap/hip hop fan in my opinion she looks more like a gheto girl...

    the cape doesnt match a ninja at all..if then she should be modeled with a cape and a coat.

    the mesh is kinda good exept the neck area bothers me...
  • Crylar
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    Crylar polycounter lvl 13
    when it comes to the sword, I will cut down on the details, I made the sword first and didn't think about the polycount on it at all. But to fit the model I will reduse the amount of polygons.


    Yes, all pics I've posted yet are in perspective, non orthographic.

    I'm glad you like the sword and even though I like it too and it was meant for this concept I'm not sure if it will be used in the end. But I'm trying to convince myself it's nice and will fit in the end.

    anyways, yeah ths shading around the nose and lips I tried to fix now, that are bythe way not the final texture, just some colors asiend to the faces, I havn
  • skankerzero
    looks good so far.

    round the forehead more, generally, most women have a rounded forehead. men's are slanted back a bit.

    That's my main crit on it.
  • Jerome
    nice, and modest too. perhaps some more buckles? just a thought anyway. looks good, texture it!
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    Looks good, but the eyes are really the wrong shape. And those other crits other people said already smile.gif
  • Quaggs
    Cool Design! Maybe make one blade detachable so she could fight with two swords when she wants, that would be sweet. also, listen to skankerzero on the forehead comment, would definately look more feminine with a forehead adjustment.
  • Crylar
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    Crylar polycounter lvl 13
    She won't have two swords, she will probably have a gun too, but I'm not that satesfied with the design on the gun so I wont post it yet
  • EarthQuake
    Bit of improvement on the face, but still needs more work IMO.
  • spider2cool
    my only thing is if you are going to go through so much trouble in making a cool sword like that you should give her fingers. I am sure you are going to want to pose her with the sword in some way. the hands might throw it all off. i can understand if you are trying to save on polies though. but still.
  • Crylar
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    Crylar polycounter lvl 13

    Hands with fingers.
    Hipp plates.
    Rounder forhead.
    redused polycount on the sword.

    the model itself weighs 4660, the sword is 1248
    Maybe she's ready to be textured.
  • KDR_11k
    I think the mouth should be wider and the nose narrower at the bottom.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    looking pretty good, but the back of the neck and head in the side view seems wrong. also, her ear looks pretty weird, both in shape in the side view, and that it should stick out a little more in the front view.

    her eyes are still a weird shape... the inside part should be sharper, not so smooth and rounded, in fact, same goes for the outer part - google up some references of female eyes or look in a mirror to get a good idea of the shape, then try to recreate that in the mesh.

    keep it up!
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