Well i started to practicise skinning... here´s what i got so far:

Credits for the mesh and UVwMap to Cholden.

btw. cholden if you read this.. do you realesed the hawtful girl wich is unskinned in ur protofolio? I would like to skin it too ;P

Advices are very welcome!

slow progress:


  • man_o_mule
    the model looks good from what i can see......but i it's really hard to see. Post a better shot of the model, where it's not all black. where you can see the different parts of the model. right now it all blends together.
  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    hey bro. it looks pretty good at the moment, but yah, we can't really see the model. if you want crits, you might want to post a shaded pic of the dude.

    the weapons... are a little harder to crit.. hmm. the materials of the weapons for the most part don't look all that believable. i also think that they're too bright, and flat. i also dont like the color. are you using reference? i'd push the shaddows under the folds of the tape on the hammer. also, the hammer part of the hammer doesn't look much like anything- i'm not sure what it's supposed to be made out of.

    i think overall you ned a lot more area specific detail- chips on the front of the hammer, scratches and streaks on the blade, grunge on the tape. it also looks to me like you're hand painting everything, with photoshop filters, like noise. first of all, i'd highly reccomend using a LOT more photo overlays to build up detail and material. if you're one of those guys that insists on hand painting everything, and that photos are the devil, i'd suggest that photoshop filters are no different.
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir sublime tool
    its cholden's model, not tryforces :P
  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    cool Tryforce, glad to see someone texturing this guy. I'll see about getting the grrl and maybe some of those other characters on my pages SDK'ed cause they should be. I'm out of town now, but I can give a texture crit when I get back.
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