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since we are about to release the engine to the "full" public soon with pimping and such, I wanted to do a little pre-test before, to check on how many machines it actually runs well.
As we dont have a lot of hardware to test on, but so far it worked well for us.

The engine itself is mostly made for shareware typeish stuff, and meant to be fully externally scriptable. It doesnt have ultra l33t graphics, mostly built around OpenGL 1.2/1.3 however the shader system allows Cg and ARB_programs... I pretty much stopped doing much art for the last 1,5 years in favor of this project, but as friend is a artist/coder as well we tried to make it not too coder heavy and will try to get graphical editors for the shader/material/particle stuff. also more exporters/file convertors... but first it has to run well wink.gif
it is explicitly meant to be a "mod" engine, hence all the scripting outside of the core. That said since it was the first project alike we ever did (it evolved over the time) it is not the super fastest, and doesnt have all the stunning things other opensource engines has, but it was mostly meant for small games, and rapid prototyping in mind. and eventually there is still some nice features to come. As well as the linux port.

anyway there is 3 main demos
and 5 other small tests, just run the batch files... for more info
however as said it's not the "real" release yet...
the site is currently on university server, might be a bit slow, we will move to a faster server soon... but the test is just 6 megs.

please let me know if it works, and if not what the last stuff in the luxinia.log was or console output...

removed the download link, once a new version is up I willy post again
thank you very much for your time


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