Basic Male/anatomy study/guy with 0 % bodyfat

We just started this as a character-project in school and as some people make orchs and other creatures i thought i would go for the basic male model since imo every folio needs one! right? smile.gif

anyways.. here is where im at:

Basically i have "finished" the torso and am about to move on detailing the crotch area and then move on with the legs and arms.. My grasp on anatomy is improving but its not the best so any pointers on that area would be nice. Also any thoughts about the meshflow?

(hmm and ignore the seam.. forgot to weld agh)


  • Gmanx
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    It's a good start. I presume you've got good refs for this but guys like Willem Dafoe (Spiderman or Platoon) are excellent ref. I think the abs and the butt crack are a bit angular in profile, and need smoothing out with an extra edge loop. The back looks good, as do the clavicles.
  • Slipstream
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    Stomach muscles look a little bit weird, too flat and defined maybe. And the upper back muscles seem to have the same problem. Overall good though ^^
  • ElysiumGX
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    His nipples are wall eyed, and his rib cage and abs look unnatural.
    The back muscles between the scapulas also appear odd. It looks like one solid flat mass along the upper spine. Give some land marks to create the shapes of upper, middle, and lower trapezius. The lower portion connects along the spine down to a sharp angle.

    Add some thickness to the lower SCM. It connects to the sternum, and the medial third of the clavicle.

    The modeling itself looks great.
  • shotgun
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    this is a great attempt.

    I hope its cool if i used the latin names, just easy reference. it is prudent to known the insertion points of the muscles if you want this to be accurate.

    see the lat dorsi muscle grasps the humerous bone from front and back, like a hook. your humerous is far out with the exaggerated proportions (you might wonna stick to basics) and so that would require the lat to pop out as well. it just has to.

    when you push proportions you gottta know exactly what it is you are pushing. its not just a "wide torso" outline, its a bone structure that pushes and stretches everything with it, like a chain reaction. so just figuer out where your bones are, and connect the muscles apropriately to their insertion points. its just like stretching a line from point a to point b, you simply need to understand where those points are.

    ye something doesnt feel right to me about the crest and the ass crack too. maybe there should be a little more seperation towards the lower end of the butt crack, you know, for easy access.

    the lower end of the pelvis also seems too low. compare it to the hip bone it should be almsot the same level. but i may be wrong here, i have problems with the crest myself.

    well anyways this is good. if you really wonna excercise here model a skeleton first.
  • motives
    thanks for the awesome crits guys.. really appreciated! I havnt really been able to make any changes to the mesh since last time since we have to make all these small deadlines (arm, torso, leg etc.) so i been kinda out of time.. We will get some time in the end to go back and tweak the mesh so im just gathering all input on a big to-do list smile.gif

    Anyways small update, he got an arm and a hand. Im fairly happy with it but something just bugs me about the triceps i donno..


    Shotgun: i'd love to try a skeleton.. Just have to make the bloody time! smile.gif
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