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Was just browsing through an old backup DVD with the UT2 work, crazy stuff. The 2 512 textures are about 4 years old.
Was gonna clean up more psd's but i need to check my webspace left...
They may or may not be of any good, i often work in a quite wildish fashion, trying and layering things i believe will add properly.
The only consistent (less consistent back then) is the shading/highlighting sandwich approach. Shading on top and bottom, highlights of any kind somewhere inbetween, usually before the final dirt layer.

hmm might have mixed up some link, textures and their psd's have different names crazy.gif

texture- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/tut-ps1.jpg
PSD,24MB- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/!floor7.zip

Texture- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/wal28goa.jpg
PSD 11MB- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/!stne2s_g.zip

Texture- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/wal29ara.jpg
PSD 7.7MB- http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/hyero_3.zip

This texture uses some parts that were mixed up separately like http://www.strangefate.com/Tutorials/textures/tut-ps2.jpg as backround mat.


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