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Max 7 to maya 6 retaining smooth groups?

polycounter lvl 18
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Delaney King polycounter lvl 18
I have some game objects I need to shift cleanly from max 7 to maya 6. I am currently using the .obj exporter, but the smoothing groups are not saved regardless of settings. Anyone know a better way to do this?

FBX maybe?


  • Prs-Phil
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    Prs-Phil polycounter lvl 18
    hmmm Maya handels "smoothing groups" in a very different way. It more or less only defines the hard edges not the area that should be smoothed.

    I havent tryed it with FBX yet but I´ve asked around and we don´t think that that will work either but you can give it a shot.

    I guess you´ll have to do it manually.
  • moose
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    moose polycount sponsor
    i havent had much luck with FBX.

    Then again, i havent had a problem getting smoothinggroups into maya from Max using OBJ. Make sure you have Normals and the smoothing group options on.

    If its still not working, try turning them all off, and all back on again. It started breaking for me too just now, so i unchecked everything, and rechecked it all... and poof it worked again.
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