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r13 founder

Got this when i attended his class last year. Kept forgetting to share, but not tonight, I remembered!


Yes, it's a large image. Photographing printed text is a dicey prospect at best.


  • gauss
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    gauss polycounter lvl 12
    heed these words, Mike Lin is a genius. i always get a kick out of his advice--at once rather humorous but always profound smile.gif
  • JDinges
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    JDinges polycounter lvl 14
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 15
  • sledgy
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    sledgy polycounter lvl 13
    This is about 10 lbs of great advice in a 5 lb bag.
  • ming
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    ming polycounter lvl 12
    Wow thanks. I seriously think this will help out a lot.
  • jzero
    Wow. Sage advice, and proof that the greatest wisdom is often pretty funny, too. It is indeed ALL about the attitude.

    There is one confusing point, in "Graphics is a process" where he says to say "I like it", and then two items later he disses that phrase as an excuse. What does that mean?

    Rogue, if someone were to reproduce this, do you think they should fix Mike's grammatical errors? Example: It should be "Success is measured by: 1. Enjoying what you do 2. Financial independence."

  • AstroZombie
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    AstroZombie polycounter lvl 15
    Very inspiring.
  • r13
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    r13 founder
    J: He's saying the same thing, but the context is perhaps missing, let me help clarify:

    Graphics is a process.. He explains his stance there pretty well.

    When he gets to the 2nd time, he's essentially repeating himself. These are supposed to be answers as to what you would respond to a professor critiquing your work in a classroom setting.

    As for rewriting it to help his bad grammar, i don't think it's a bad thing as long crediting him as well of course.
  • sonic
    -Why you cannot draw well - 1.No confidence, 2.No drawing skill, 3.Want perfect, 4.Want good GPA or promotion, 5.Like to compare and compete, 6.Don't like to be criticized.

    -Do > Mistakes > Improvement > Success > Confidence. There is no perfect drawing, so just do it.

    -Graphics is a process and not a product like art. Therefore, you don't need to draw well, and you will never get worse. Never admit you've ruined a drawing; instead, say, "I like it", and turn the mistakes into part of the drawing.

    -A good designer or drawer is knowing how to copy (get inspired from) somebody else's projects and nobody can tell. Don't compare, try only to be the best designer or drawer in your family.

    -4 Excuses not drawing well - 1.I am not done yet, 2.I am a designer, 4.Timed sketches, 4.Say I like it.

    -Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot draw, because you can! You are the only one who can stop yourself from drawing well.

    -You never fail until you stop trying. Learn from your mistakes. Do not allow yourself to become dicouraged. The more time you spend on a drawing, the more chance you risk of ruining it.

    -To be talented in drawing - 1.Work hard. 2.Know graphic tricks. 3.Trace other people's drawings.

    -To be talented in design - 1.Work hard. 2.Know design tricks. 3.Inspired by other people's design.

    -To be employed - 1.Good attitude. 2.Draw well. 3.Be energetic.

    -To be successful - 1.Set up goals. 2.Know how. 3.Just do it.

    -Six levels of success - 1.Bitch others. 2.Hate yourself. 3.Like yourself. 4.Like others. 5.Help others. 6.Help enemies.

    -Seven levels of people - 1.Jerk. 2.Asshole. 3.Anal 4.Tight 5.Loose but Cocky. 6.Loose and sharing. 7.Loose, sharing, loyal, and humble.

    -There is success in loyalty. Be humble to be ahead. Be able to take criticism and have a sense of humor.

    -Success is measured by: 1.Enjoy what you do. 2.Financially Independent.

    -When you teach somebody else, you practice twice. A sharing attitude is the right attitude. You will not lose what you share, but you will gain what people share with you.

    -Students - Poor but have time to travel, go to Europe. Professionals - have money, make time to enjoy life. Then be happy and have no regrets when you are old.

    -Don't let trouble troubles you until it troubles you. Life is about quality, not quantity and it is too short to worry too much. Work hard and play hard. Be loose or you will lose it.

    -When you see something nice, go for it. Go for the best, not the second best, so you only buy once. money is not yours until you spent it. You must spend it to make money.

    -Everyone dies eventually, yesterday is too late, tommorow is not yours, and today is a "Present". Before you leave the world, you have one responsibility to yourself - enjoy your life, so have fun.

    That image took forever to load for me (on 28k for the night), so I typed it all out.
  • qubism
    that was a nice read. just adds to a few thoughts that i had on my own. i think these are important notes for everyone.
  • jzero
    I was going to attribute and link an HTML version of this to the Mike Lin website, when I considered he might have already done so.
    Sure Enough.

    He's got more good stuff people might benefit from:

    I like his philosophy, carried right down to his URL: Be Loose!

  • frosty
    Thanks r13 and thanks Sonic for the edit.
  • melkior
    [ QUOTE ]

    There is one confusing point, in "Graphics is a process" where he says to say "I like it", and then two items later he disses that phrase as an excuse. What does that mean?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Someone already answered but I wanted to chip in that I concur - I took the excuses as things you would say to someone if they were crit'ing your work - perhaps too hard. Its a self confidence thing "I like it!"
  • Ruz
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    Ruz polycounter
    Hate to be the one who finds this just a tad 'cheesey'. Sounds like that stuff you get in corporate jargon
    Lets face it everyone has a different outlook on life anyway.
    You could substitute any amount of his definitions with your own and it would look much more sensible IMHO
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    hehe, i think trying to explain anything dealing with art and being an artist is difficult, i applaud the means behind mike lin's messages, thanks for sharing r13. i adopted some of mike's way of thought.

    i enjoyed reading the tips_graphic.php link especially . thanks to jzero for sharing the find.
  • Kirin
    Now that's some kick-ass words of wisdom there! Thanks r13!
  • Badge
    ah i wish i heard some of those things sooner. that is a very awesome piece of wisdom.

    ty for sharing laugh.gif
  • ElysiumGX
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    ElysiumGX polycounter lvl 15
    My gf recently told me to take these tips, save them, print them...and staple them to my forehead. I guess that's saying something.
  • frosty
    Kirin's back! Woot!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Knubben
    [ QUOTE ]
    -Jerk Asshole Anal Tight Loose Cock sharing

    [/ QUOTE ]
    That entire line just read like engrish erotica, gone bad.
    Also, is it just me, or are all of these things so obvious, you feel kind of sorry for anyone who had to read it?
    Maybe there's a whole lot of people out there who don't know these things though, so i might just not be the person he aimed it at.

    edit: is this the guy?
    If so, he could have chosen a better splash than that, right? I mean, that screams: "last person on earth you want to have as your teacher"
    I'm sure his classes are better, though, it's just that i thought this was funny
  • Kevin Johnstone
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    Kevin Johnstone polycounter lvl 15
    Pea:It's like the 'Bart's inner child' episode of the simpsons which is of course mocking how america was conned into believing all that 'inner child' nonsense a decade or so ago.

    So yes, a lot of people DO need to hear the obvious things spelt out and a lot of people think others are buddha if they can say 10 more obvious truths at once.

    Life is not a catchphrase, but gimmicks sell much better than hard truths smile.gif

  • r13
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    r13 founder
    i've been to two of his classes and yes, you do laugh a lot at his stupid ass jokes, but he also teaches you exactly what he's doing. along the way, he's talking about all these topics. he's entertaining and you get into what he's doing. what he offers is similar to a bunch of video tutorials you can buy on the net. if he ever offered a dvd set i'd buy it.
  • milla
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    milla polygon
    Hmmm, is there meant to be an image in the founding post?
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    [ QUOTE ]
    Hmmm, is there meant to be an image in the founding post?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    yes, see sonic's long post. it's a typed version of what the picture was.
  • r13
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    r13 founder
    fixed the image.
  • Zergxes
    Buried in some of the cheese is some real gold.
  • Zatoichi
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    Zatoichi polycounter lvl 14
    Right when I was about to dispair for being 33 years old and still not in the industry. Thanks for the pick-me-up, r13.
  • Mon
    nice motivational peice, thanks for the share smile.gif
  • matheboy
    There is no lies no mistakes. I like that very much. Thanks for sharing!
  • exhatrent
    hello admin, is it posible to have a chat direct for the member with mike 18 ?
  • rosemarysos
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