Grayscale painting

After checking out these tuts
I decided to see what I could do using the same method. I used to avoid painting in greyscale because I felt I couldn't get the same variation of color like with using truecolor. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. What do you guys think?



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    just some soap box ramble:
    i feel that color multiplies the difficulty of painting on many levels. i feel this added complexity potentially amplifies an image to levels a grayscale image (respectively).

    painting like this is like a traditional oil painting technique called glazing in which an artist paints his values first and glazes color over the value. the effects are different and better because paint reacts differently and the pysical control of applying layers, but i am certain it can be achieved with work in digital.

    this digital process does obtain a certain look in art that could be desired. i use this technique as a tool, more than a process. i feel that solely compositing a grayscale image with color overlays will give it a lighter pastel look that creates imo an inferior final result as well as creates a "barrier of control" in respects to color; where you can no longer push the image with this technique without extra efforts.

    i see this technique as a very helpful "color sketching" tool. i think it is very helpful and when you place a normal layer over an entire image you can much push an image much further. i call the layers: TU01, TU02.. for multiple "Touch Up" layers like painting as you would normally (without blendmodes) and paint sections more completely to obtain a more opague finish.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'm fairly new to 2d painting so its helpful to hear all view points.
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