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I'm pretty new to modeling, coming from a CSG level design background, but I'm looking to expand my skills anywhere I can. smile.gif I'm starting off with some painfully low-poly work to get myself up and running. I've started with a series of skyscrapers to give me some practice with references and very basic structure. First up is the Bank of China building from Hong Kong. Its shape is pretty much perfect for a simple modeling/UV exercise, the latter of which I hope to start once I'm happy with the model.

Eventually once I don't suck, I'd like to re-visit this and the other practice buildings I'll be doing and make them all high-poly and spiffy, but I gotta start somewhere.

Model is 68 polygons, 135 tris. Built in Lightwave 7.5.

The building:

The model:

I know there's not much, but I want to get a good set of base skills before I go nuts with more than I can handle. smile.gif Any input on improvements, both to the model or technique (that is, if you can tell from this tiny model :P ) would be greatly appreciated.


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    a dirty penny:
    i am not sure if you had considered it, but you could try for a single poly or two mirrored polys (or tris i guess) aplha mapped for the towers. although realistically they may work better as geometery because their edge would appear much sharper and depending on real world scenarios, would more than likely use less resources by axing an extra texture map. so .. whatever on that.
    penny heads-up:
    if this were my model, i would make cuts in the building's face that match the triangular white frames of the building so you could stack them in the unwrap and get MUCH more of your texture map.
  • KungFuSquirrel
    Ah, yes, I'm used to doing UVs for tiling terrain or something so I ended up pulling those verts out without really thinking about it... figures I'd build it that way in the first place, heh. I'll definitely fix that before I try any UV business.

    I thought about building the top area for an alpha map, but I kinda like how it turned out as geometry. If I did go and alpha anything, it'd probably be the weird framework at the tip below the antennas.
  • Sa74n
    not much to comment on this yet. kp made a good note on shared textures.

    btw: hows work at raven? enjoying it? good luck with your modelling smile.gif
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