First model post.

Greetings folks! While this isn't my first post here (been lurking for years) this is my first model post. I've recently been undergoing a damn-the-torpedos endeavour on learning Maya and 3D modelling in general and this I'm hoping to get some comments and critiques of this so that I can put the knowledge to use on further projects.

What this is is an attempt to build a model that would fit the pre-existing skeletal rigs for Unreal Tournament 2004. While I have experience with 2D animation my focus for the past couple months has been low poly modelling and rigging and I figure once I have some original portfolio models to show then I'll start doing animation work. Basicly this is just an exercise to see how the model holds up in UT2004.

The face count is 1786.

Constructive criticism is MOST appreciated. Thank you!



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