high poly textured head

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Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
Here is a head I made over the holidays and textured last night.



  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    Really, really great work. When I saw the smooth shaded renders I didn't think it was that great, but the control mesh is sweet (do you really need that many polys on the forehead?) and the texturing is just superb.
    The flesh is awesome, I think the shininess and bump map is just perfect. The lips, nose, forehead and eyebrows look great. The eyes don't look quite so good - I think the eye white is lacking specularity, and the non-colour of the irises is disconcerting, but the overall effect seems to work.
    His ear looks a little small and too high up.

    Really good stuff. Have I said that already?

  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
    thanks alot mop... I have alot in the forehead b/c Im alittle rusty at the high mesh flow but it could be useful for morph targets and getting the wrinkle when he moves his eyebrows.

    I also forgot to mention that the eyes are just procedural greyscale gradiants at the moment. Those are coming up next wink.gif
  • doc rob
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    doc rob polycounter lvl 12
    Bryan, that looks great!

    Could you maybe post flats of the different maps and talk about how your shader is set up?
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 14
    Looks amazing Bryan, just great shader and modeling.
  • JKMakowka
    Like MoP said, the eyes need to be whiter, and the ears look like they are made out of wax. Not sure why, but I think they need sharper corners.

    Anyways, looks great overall, exspecially the skin shader.
  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
    The shader is the skin shader shipped with max 7 and here are the maps and the shader set up. The size of the maps are 2048x1024

  • melkior
    The eyes -may- need to be whiter - but I think they need more color in general. Eyes have veins and the optical cavity behind them - they have some pink/red/blue tones in them also. So I think the white value can be increased but adding more colors and very thin capilary style blood vessel etc may add significantly.

    normally Id say thats too much work but your obviously going for full photo realism here so that would be worth the effort.

    as far as someones comments that the ears look waxy - I would think that is due to the specularity level ; ears could be pretty shiny for the right person with the right age and skin oil level etc - however I think in general you could lower the specularity of the ear outer rim area 25% and it would improve his look a bit.

    finally while not overtly bad -but his chin - the stubble there is slightly too regular it does appear more artificial than some of this other features when you stare at him for a minute. You may want to add some variance by hand by removing a few pixels of stubble here and there - and then add a small amount of double stubble - some people have hair folicles almost on top of each other - this wouldnt be seen as a critical item though just a small pointer.

    great work!
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11
    thanks for posting the shader setup, very informative! smile.gif
    good work on the face.
  • lkraan
    Looks very cool!
    I really like the small asymetrical details.

    Maybe it's the angle of the render but from the side/angle view his jaw looks a bit off. Like his jaw runs all the way to the back of his head and doesn't angle up to his ear. Jeez, I'm having a hard time describing this blush.gif
    Anyway, like I said it's probably thr angle of the render smile.gif
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    holy shit in my pants! that texture is the tits, yo.
  • rawkstar
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 14
    very very cool Bryan, good shit yo! smile.gif props for the mini tutorial thingie too, really helpfull.
  • EarthQuake
    Awesome work, as other have said the eyes look a little wierd but really thats some damned good stuff there man.
  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
    thanks guys... the eyes are UNTEXTURED at the moment ill be hitting those tonight... hopefully and ill try to incorporate eveyones feedback so far
  • DavidCoen
    very cool work. as someone gets older, the nose and ears continue to grow (rather slowly..) as a side effect, having a small nose/ ears in proportion to the head tend to indicade youth. I don't know how much it would break, but the nose seems a little thin/ small...or you might be trying to make a rather angry 17 year old?
  • milla
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    milla polygon
    I have nothing of use or interest to add. Just "WOW". Nice work dude.
  • Gmanx
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    Gmanx polycounter lvl 15
    Very very high spec work man. The kind of stuff I dream of doing. I did notice an odd large triangle shape on the top of the forehead, most visible in the first full render, which could be just lighting, or could come from the bump map. Also there's a little UV stretching on his right sternocleidomastoid (neck muscle) in the last picture. However, these images made my 'reference folder', and how.
  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
    ok i think i hit most of everyones crits and added some stubble to his chin plus I finished the eyes

  • Zeldrik
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    Zeldrik polycounter lvl 12
    Im with mop when I first saw the model I thought it was good but nothing special but with that texture my jaw almost dropped, really awesome.
    And I think I almost prefered the stubble in the first pics, looks a little too "generated" now especially on the upper lip and sides of the face.
    ANd thanks heaps for the texture info, will come in very handy.
  • X-Convict
    I agree with Zeldrik on the newer stubble, excellent work though smile.gif
  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 14
    the new stubble was scattered across the jaw and chin on selected polys... i think i should convert it to mesh and go in and delete some by hand.... is it the kinda straight cutoff at the cheek were it goes from stubble to just skin? I want to keep the stubble because it sticks out from the face and catches highlights unlike the bump... plus I plane on revisiting the eyes again.... cause they suck!

    thanks for the crits they've been helpful
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