Another Attempt at a Head

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Kovac polycounter lvl 13
Alright guys, I'm giving another shot at a more realistic styled head and could use a bit of crits. This is my first fully round head (not just the face this time). I'd love to give it nicely alpha mapped hair, but I'm sure I have to keep a certain size with every part of the hair. Please do correct me if I'm wrong and give any crits possible. I'm definetly still trying to figure this whole thing out. It's around 720 tri's I believe, thanks in advance!


I feel this is a very decent upgrade from my first head, but I know my newest needs crits still


My first head^ (the new one is my third)


  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    Looks good. Definitely an improvement.
    The stuff I would look into fixing would be the shape of the chin and nostrils, mainly. The chin seems very boxy in the perspective view, I would add another row of polys to round it out, and make the tip of the chin a bit narrower in the front view.
    Also the nostrils in the side view don't seem like the right shape, look up some references of human faces and examine how the contours around that area go.
    Maybe some more polys around the area between the cheek and side of the mouth would be good to even out shading and poly distribution.
    Possibly the forehead should be a bit higher? Might be just a taste thing though, it's probably proportionally acceptable as it is now.
    You currently have the polys between the bottom of the nose and the top of the chin, all lined up in neat vertical columns - this does not occur in organic objects. Always try to avoid long straight lines, it's just not very natural. They should be narrower near the nose, then flare out a bit around the lips, pinching back in between the lips.
    If you don't know what part I'm referring to, I could do a quick paintover to illustrate my point.

    Good work though, keep it up!

  • Kovac
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    Kovac polycounter lvl 13
    Thanks a bunch for the detailed reply there MoP, greatly appreciated. I'm gonna work on fixing the chin right now. (It also makes the guy look like he's fat in my eyes so I'm going to try to scale it up a bit as well). If you do have any time to do a paint over I would be absolutely greatful if you did. I KIND of have a understanding of what you said but I'll read it over a few more times to get a better mental image. Thanks again!

    Edit: I was looking at the nostrils and I agree they do look off (It'd seem that the middle part would come more inward than it is). I had this right before some editing but I moved it forward in order to not mess up the cheek edge it's connected to. I'm sure a simple cut or two could fix this but from experimenting I can' figure where. Any crits on that would be very helpful on that as well.
  • Kovac
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    Kovac polycounter lvl 13
    I made some adjustments as you've said MoP, I don't know if I actually fully understood it all. I added a bit of detail to the chin (maybe too much?). Please let me know if this is an improvment at all. Thanks.

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