Started a model again...

polycounter lvl 13
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Enix polycounter lvl 13
Ya..I started this model, and i want to finish it
before I go onto the next.Credits to DavidSkiwanfor
the zabuza refs. Its a pretty simple low
poly zabuza model. Zabuza is a guy from naruto...
dunno I was just in a naruto mood....


Got the basics layed out, havn't fixed much, ever
though I have spoted a million things i can change.
And heres the sword:


Did thisall in the course of about an hour last night
and an hour needs some fixing..
Updates soon.


  • EarthQuake
    shoulders need more segments(atleast 2 each) so they animate well, and the sword has a bunch of wasted polys.
    would also add an extra segment at the elbow too
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    Yea, i'm a neat freak, so i didn't know what to do with the sword. I got alot of work to fo on the joints to make it more deformable. I was kinda lazy there...I did however reshape the body a little bit, and while im waiting for my head refs, I will finish up the body. Take a look:

    I need some suggestions, because I don't know if I should have 5 toes, or stick with the 1 big toe and 1 block for the other 4 toes. It saves some polys but I don't know if its worth it.

    And any suggestions fot the sword? I know there are alot more polys then there should be, but I don't know where I should take em off at. Its lik 609 polys I think. Since I plan to finish a model for once...I'm taking any suggestions, cause I need em.



    Added deformable joints and optimized it a bit. It whent from about 1700 to 1486. I got plenty of time to fix some more...
  • Artreth
    So far it is looking good. Only thing I could crit is that Zabusa had exaggerated anatomy in the anime, his hands were long and slanky and his general anatomy was elongated.
  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 14
    hey, looks like its coming along well. what happened to your pokemon work?

    here's a quick paint-over of your sword... this isn't the most efficient way, but i can appreciate the neat-freakiness of modelling. take it with a grain of salt, i'm not expert smile.gif
  • Laheen
    Nice enix, the crotch area is bugging me, maybe you should move the whole row of verts (just above the crotch, above the legs) down a tad, i also think you should add a bum :P, i might ask ryan for my ftp later on, cant wait to see the head smile.gif.
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    He could use a bit more of a butt to stop him looking like he's about to fall over backwards. Its hard to tell from the angles you've given, but the feet look like they might be a bit short too.
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    Ok, thanks Sectaurs, that helps alot, I will fix it in a few.
    Hey Laheen ^_^. And yes, I want to put an ass on him, but I don't know how it should flow, and I don't want to make it too defined. Here are some direct angles for anyone who wants to do a drawover:



    I will get to the head soon..gotta check in with david and see if he finished the ref yet, or if he started :\.
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    Got bored and mapped it....



    I will probally remake the torso, since thats the only
    thing im not happy with... Head comin soon...
  • Kevin Albers
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    Kevin Albers polycounter lvl 12
    You should probably adjust your mapping to use more of the texture space before starting in on the texture...mainly scaling up the poly islands, so you dont have much gap between islands on the map. Also, it looks like the sides of the fingers don't have much if any texture space.

    Have fun smile.gif
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    Meh...bad day...Cable got shut off, PC messed up, we are
    moving, and now im on 56k.... Well anyway, while I was offline
    I did a little bit more work, but I dun think I will work on
    this untill I get settled in to the new house. Anyway, I
    reduced the swords poly count to 480 and mapped it, and also
    remapped some of the characters body. Here are some pic:



    I still hate the shoe mapping, I will fix that stuff later.
    Cya later.
  • RageUnleashed
    There's no bicep/tricep detail in the geometry...
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