DragonWarrior: Legacy - Demo!

Jan-02-2005 --Finally got the first demo and website online!

DragonWarrior: Legacy is a multiplayer, co-op game based off the series "DragonWarrior" for the NES.
Screenshots and other info can be found at the DWL website.

Built with GameMaker 6.0 (registered)

System Requirements:
Windows 2000 or Windows XP (untested with Win98 or WinME)
1.0ghz or better processor
128MB System RAM
32mb video card that supports DirectX8 or better
Sound card

FEATURES: (Most features emulate DragonWarrior style systems)
IPX (LAN) connections
TCP/IP connections
Multiplayer (currently supports 1 host and upto 9 clients in a session)
Chat system (multiplayer)
Typewriter-based w/ color coded text for NPC dialogs
Selectable avatars
Sprite fonts
Debug systems (toggles to turn features on/off)
Menu systems
Random overworld combat encounters
Tile-based map creation system
HUGE item database consisting of over 233 items (not completed yet)
User-friendly controls

Item database completion
Buy/Sell shopping systems and menus
Combat systems
MP chat
Further Debug systems and tools
Worldmap and town creation (only have 1 town thus far)
NPC dialogs
ADDITONAL player avatars (over 70+ to choose from, and more!)

DragonWarrior: Legacy website


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