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artgoon polycounter lvl 11
Trying to flesh myself out a bit better than just animation and rigging.

Here's an animation I did as a test for Next Level games. Anyone want to give me any dirt on em? blush.gif

Gotta get back into lowpoly work. This is a mixture of highpoly modeling and low poly with crappy maya render.(too impatient for mentalray)



  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    i think the animation you've done is excellent. i can't give any sort of crits on the animation principles, but obviously you dont need any.. you're certainly a better animator than i, by the looks of things

    one thing i will say tho-- the grab is too slow. the motion after he grabs it... the whole body rotation is drifty and uninteresting. he rotates to far.. maybe. hard to say. making it a little more snappy would help.

    excellent work on the animation. i like the lighting on the seccond scene..

    i think some of the modeling needs a bit of work. the subway car interior is very simple. i love the silent hill esc art thing you have going on (im a whore for that whole art style) but i think your car is too wide, and the geometry is too simple. making the seats look like real subway seats instead of just attached planks of steel would do a lot. either way, the hallway is definately too wide.

    good job tho smile.gif
  • shotgun
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    shotgun polycounter lvl 14
    he thought he had it..

    well its really sweet,
    i think the "real" animation where he walks is too short,
    the rest is nice to watch but they may not hire u based on facial expressions

    id be looking for / at more walk and run and such, and theres too little of it imo
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    very good animation dude!
  • artgoon
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    artgoon polycounter lvl 11
    John_Warner- Originally for the grab it, it was fast. But if it stands out too much as slow, I'll speed it up again. Thanks for the help on the modeling

    shotgun- I wasn't really quite sure if they wanted a cycle or just an emotion piece. They just wanted 'someone to steal an object'. I just tried telling a story.

    thx killing. Nice icon!

    Thanks for the excellent input. I'll try to pump up my modeling/texture work as it's my weakest at this point.
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir sublime tool

    final fantasy 7 subway cart? just wondering cos it looks a lot like it.

    i love this stuff smile.gif unfortunately i know jack about animations atm. so i cant crit, but only offer support!
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    The part of the animation where he walks into the room feels a bit wrong. I'm no animator, but perhaps it needs to be sped up a tad or something. Its something subtle... Perhaps its the transition to the little move he does before noticing the lemon that isn't quite right...

    Its looking really nice though, just that the issues tend to stand out more when everything else is of a good quality.
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