Shikamaru [WIP]

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Enix polycounter lvl 13
I did a shikamaru a while back. If none of you know who
he is, he is a character from the anime naruto. Anyway,
I didn't like my old one, so i thought i would do a
totally new one. But first, before I move on, I have a


I want to get rid of those verts so I dont have that many
sides when i extrude up to the torso. I dunno what to do,
cause i dont want to weld them all because it makes the
crotch connection look newb. And I can't believe I went
with the lame ass box toes...but I wanted to keep it low
poly. Any suggestions?


  • rawkstar
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 14
    well... it doesn't look like shikamaru yet... heh but hey its cool man, the legs are a bit too long, but just keep going. I think I'll do a naruto character too...
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    I forgot to mention that im using davidskiwan's refs.
    Thanks david ^_^. Umm...I skiped the torso for now,
    and started on the arms. I made new hands this time..
    I usually reuse this hand I made about 7 months ago..
    anyway, here it is:


    Pretty basic atm, basic low poly hand and arm. I need
    a some suggestions, because im just not getting any better...
  • Ramucho
    I really like your style of modeling, the mesh workflow seems good and you always keep your mesh clean! Hope I could model like that... Anyway, you have a good start and seems like you're already getting the right proportions, good luck ^_^
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13


    Not gonna finish this one. Deleted all my max files.
    Just needed a fresh start, and all of those incomplete
    models where haunting me.... So, from now on, im just
    going to do one model at a time, and this one isn't
    the one I want to do... cya later. Once I decide which
    model I want to do, I will post it.I hope you understand
    why I did this ^_^.
  • Asthane
    I understand why you did it, but I do think you'll regret it =P Old models are very useful if you need a quick hand or leg, some inspiration, or hell, any time anyone posts one of those "what was your first model" threads wink.gif

    I find it helps to make several model directories

    - Models
          + WIP
          + Purgatory
          + Graveyard
          + Finished
          + Etc

    Oh, and you need to save more often, I only see 286 files across how many models? Pfft =P

    Here's the character I'm working on now wink.gif

    Oh well, that's how people learn.... Once you lose hours of work to a corrupted file, you'll be hitting that button (Save Incrementally) every 2-5 minutes wink.gif
  • thinsoldier
    or you could have done the n00bs in the community a service by donating them for download. Cuz I for one love looking over other peoples meshes just to see what I could do better. and having an extra free hand or foot for something quick is nice.
  • thinsoldier
    Where do u get your naruto reference pics. Did you delete those too?
  • Enix
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    Enix polycounter lvl 13
    nah, I only deleted my old incomplete meshes. I use
    Davidskiwans refs. And I also look over some screen
    caps and stuff. Well all of that is gone, and i got
    a new model goin, and im not going to start a new one
    untill im done with it. Thats the mistake I made before
    I started too many models, which kinda overwelmed me.
  • thinsoldier
    is it ??
    cuz devart isn't loading for me at the moment.
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