Scarab - the 2nd

hello again,

well at first i want to thank everybody for all the replys and crits (especially Jackablade) in the other threat of mine, i appreciate that very much and i think it gave me really a push forward... but also i'm at a point where i have the feeling that the more i pull and push the vertices of my new model the worse it gets... i don't know but i don't see the problems anymore but even so i see it looks strange... so here i am again. somehow i'm so possessed of making a good model... i think therefor i ask to much of my self sometimes! even if it is boring for you guys... please help me... i want to LEARN!
thank you.

btw. Happy new year... smile.gif





  • Toomas
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    Toomas polycounter lvl 14
    Fingers look little too skinny on front view and imho the belts (specially on legs) are a waste of polys, you could just do a flat poly for the part after the buckle.
    And the boots dont match the overal look very well.

    Upper lip is off aswell, let me try to explain. The part between nose and lips should start to curve out untill it meets the upper part of the lip and then the lip must start to curve in. If you dont understand what i mean then ask and i do a quick pic to illustrate. The shape of the lips is off aswell, just get a good ref and redo the whole mouth area.

    BTW you really should post wires and tell us the polycount so we could maybe help you more wink.gif

    Happy final hours of 2k4 smile.gif
  • jehuty
    @ Toomas
    check this link please:

    yes a illustation would be very nice...

    to the boots... well it's a comic character from the "kabuki" comics named scarab... smile.gif
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Hm... why did you start a new thread for this? Anyway, her eyes are looking much better now.

    After a quick google image search, it looks like you could do some tweaking on the rest of the face though. She needs stronger cheek bones and chin, more prominant lips and a more asian looking nose with broader more, defined nostrils.

    I had a go at finding a decent reference image for you but gave up after being inundated with inapropriate images... If you do go looking for a mouth reference, I recommend not searching for asian lips...

    She should make for a great model when its done though. I look forward to seeing your progress.
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