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This is still a WIP, but before I start building clothes I wanted to see if anyone thinks I should change something. Also I dont' think I'm going to detail the body any further since it will be hidden by clothing. But comments on the details I do have are welcome.

The hands and feet aren't done, but I was wondering if anyone thinks they are too big or small before I finish them. And I'll show the had a little later when I'm happy with it.


Oh yeah, I was going to recreate one of these pictures of my wife, which one should I do?

1. http://www.juantwo.com/pics/_SoBe/DSC02246.JPG
2. http://www.juantwo.com/pics/_SoBe/DSC02376.JPG


  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    Nice work.
    The feet look fine, but the fingers on the hands don't look long enough to me - then again everyone has different size hands so... Mind you, the thumb is VERY thin in the front view.
    The back of the lower leg, the calf looks a bit oddly shaped in the back view - like it's too flattened. I would definitely take a look at that again, check your references - it should curve more, and perhaps not be so wide?

    It's hard to tell how the back is gonna turn out when the mirrored halves are attached, but it looks good. Good work on the breasts too, they look pretty natural, good sense of weight, and not ridiculously huge or anything.

    Overall nice stuff. Just some tweaks on the hands proportions, and the lower leg, and it should be good to go.

    I say recreate the 2nd photo, the pose is better, has a nice sense of weight, and good expression.


    PS. your wife is hot.

    [edit] Rockstar is right, I think, the heels do look a bit oversized, in the side view especially. They go back too far, I think.
  • rawkstar
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 14
    hey, cool!

    her heels look a little too big and the breasts cut a bit too close to the armpit.

    SHE'S GOT SMALL HANDS!!! BIGGER HANDS!!! laugh.gif haha naw its a cool model, I'm sure u'll tweak it and it'll look awesome eventually.
  • ScoobyDoofus
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    ScoobyDoofus polycounter lvl 14
    Looks great Monster!

    I fiddled ever so slightly with the curves.
    Another of my infamous liquify attempts...
  • Toomas
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    Toomas polycounter lvl 14
    The back of her shoulder bugs me

    And Scooby has very valid crits.

    Otherwise nice, you might want to add navel tho.
  • monster
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    monster Polycount Sponsor
    Thanks for the great input guys. I don't think anyone said something I don't agree with.

    Thanks Scooby, I'm going to start "Liquify-ing" my own work. It seems like a really quick to take a step back and review one's own work.
  • joolz8000
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    joolz8000 polycounter lvl 12
    The model looks good- I have nothing to add. As for the photos, neither really does much for me, though your wife is quite pretty. I'd like to see something with a little more emotion, more attention to lighting, better composition... These two just aren't very interesting.
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