Pimp without Texture... yet! :-) Crits needed!!!

hello everybody,

after i made that SpecOp guy... i made a new model... so this is just a proportion "check" befor texturing ... i think this time it looks good... so what did you think?
btw: she's 5k... i never used so much on a 3d model... and i must say it was sooooo... exciting! wink.gif wink.gif





thx for the crits grin.gif


  • KMan
    WEll. at first glance, the forehead looks a bit tall, and her knees seem to be a bit low. could just be the boots though. The spikes don't seem to add much to the look of the model. Maybe if they were considerably bigger/wider, they'd pop more.
  • DavidCoen
    might also want to mention that the character is "scarab", a regested character of Dave Mack's Kabuki~ aggree with kman about the spikes being too small (think going to the outside of the inklines in the comic reference/ else cheat on translating to 3d to get it to work. with the costume abstracting some of the muscular, it is hard to comment on anotomy, but not quite seeming to be a powerfully built japanese woman...
  • spider2cool
    well..the butt crack looks kinda funky...not too much really screams out at me.
  • Steakhouse
    Now there is a woman who doesnt care for hugs.

    The forehead is a bit tall, lower the top of the head by maybe half to three quarters of an inch.

    The arms are too long, or the lower legs are too short. Either way the tips of the fingers should only reach mid thigh if the arms are laying straight at her sides, not at an angle.

    This has been a solid start and it will only get better with minor tweaks.
  • jehuty
    ok i did the corrections... please check again.
    yeah i forgot to mention that it should be "scarab" but you guy's knew it anyway... wink.gif... the problem with the legs was the i forgot to to put the boots down a litle bit... they where equal with the bottom of the feet :/!



  • nealb4me
    I think the butt crack should begin one edge loop or so lower. The spikes are cool
  • Neo_God
    Nice model, sorta kinky looking, but nice.

    Although I do notice one thing, i'm not sure if it was done for style, but. It is apparant you wanted to get a good asian look on her. Well I've been corrected once before, and have since learned the error of my ways. It is a common misconception that asian's eyes are slanted like that, the reason the look the way they do is mainly because of an extra layer of fat above the eye.

    So I would suggest making the eyes straight and human-like, and adding in that extra layer of fat for the asian effect.
  • graves
    Nice Work grin.gif
    Her hands can probably use some depth. They're kinda flat right now.
    I'm being nitpicky, but I think there's too sharp of an angle on her calfs. Everything else is pretty well rounded so it caught my attention. No biggy crazy.gif
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 14
    A handy reference image for ya.
    Her eyes are set far too deeply for the average asian. The orbits should be pretty subtle. I think once you've got that tweaked she'll start looking far more oriental.
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