Well I was watching Van helsing , so I decided to model a realistic Frankenstein . Basicly it was just a practice . I will also texture it and make a nice render .



  • Artreth
    Looks really good, only thing I can say that looks weird is his ear, but it looks somehow... attached.
  • Thermidor
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    Thermidor polycounter lvl 11
    looking really great , the expression is very frankenstein.

    wot sort of polycount is this?
  • man_o_mule
  • Warhawk
    I agree about the ear . I have fixed that . The stiches will come with texturing and bump map . THe polycount for only the head withouth smooth is 3000 polygons (quads) . I added some more detailes to the face structure and begin texturing . Here is what I have so far .

  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    cool! it's comming along! nice work so far.

    the skin shader lacks depth-- it looks like plastic. i think it could be fixed with a bit of sub surface, and a tweeking of the specular hit. right now everyting just seems too sharp to be skin, i think.

    and commong- frankenstein's monster is cool because of all the detail- add some more to him! scar up his skin so that it looks like it was patched from a bunch of different cadavers. if you go to town with the detial, you could make this a really nice model.

    either way, it's comming along well. good work smile.gif
  • Mishra
    the veins on his forehead look more like peeling paint right now then veins going through flesh.

    overall though, i think it's awesome so far. looks just like boris karloff.
  • Warhawk
    Well here it is . The final render of him . It was nice to test new SSS mental ray skin shader .


    and old look
  • DavidCoen
    is it worth adding a (1 or 1/2)mm extrusion to the skin geometry with the same texture but at a high alpha to get some pretend depth to the dermius (skin?), the mental ray skin shader might have some propeties like that?
  • Warhawk
    As far as I can tell . It is not worth overlaying another model and add alpha on it . I mean mental ray SSS skin shader has all those properties . YOu have diffrent settings for each layer of skin . Those setings also have the depth and how much it will be translucent . But usualy a good fake is to use raytrace shader and use in diffuse slot a Falloff with color maps . And you can also add map for translucency . I have never actualy achived a good skin with it but it is worth of trying .
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