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THE RULES (Read this first)

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Rule 1: The first person to correctly guess where the current quote is from gets to post the next quote.

Rule 2: All new quotes (IE: not from the same source) go in their own new thread.

Rule 3: A correct guess is selected at the discretion of the current person quoting. If you say Jedi, and the answer is Return of the Jedi, then it is up to the person who's quote you guessed as to whether this counts as a good enough answer.

Rule 4: Additional quotes from the same source, or clues, are given at the discretion of the current person quoting. The exception to this is if three or more people request one.

Rule 5: Asking friends, family, or colleagues, if they know the answer is acceptable, as is watching the film you think it is to check, or using your handy Halliwell's film Guide. Using an internet search engine of any description is not. This does not mean you cannot use the internet, it just means you can't do an automated search for the answer.

If someone is thought to be cheating, the issue is to be raised with an Administrator or Moderator via the boards private message system. The matter will be looked into seriously. even though the Quote game is a bit of fun we don't want to start flame wars and hack attacks because someone felt they were slighted unfairly.

Other than that, enjoy the game!

(the rules can occassionally change in light of recent events, so please check back occasionally)


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