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(WIP) RV of dooooom!

So the basic idea is, this is an old-style RV thats been retro-fitted to use Hover technology. The model is going to be for a game I'm working on with a friend of mine. The game itself is going to be similar to the Twisted Metal series. This bad mutha is piloted by 2 of the evilest old people you can imagine.
I plan to add some external props which can be knocked off as you run into things... review mirrors, a T.V. antena, headlights(which will be breakable), and anything else i think of...

The black box on the roof is where a robotic arm will be placed which will hold the current gun the player has equiped.

thats all i can say for now, but I will post art as I continue to work on this thing. Please bare in mind that we're keeping this game fairly low poly and that we're programming the engine almost from scratch.


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