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_Shimmer polycounter lvl 14


well here is it.
I had these zip files long before but i thought nobody would download it when i dont have a coverletter. So i reworked my CgChat 15 entry (I wanted to reskin after i hadnt time on the comp, what you cant see is that his back and alle details not seen on this splash isnt finished;-)and here it is.

Say what you think. dont hesitate to download.

Im avaible for contract, so if you want contact me anytime.


  • JordanW
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    JordanW sublime tool
    well my main problem is that i have to download something to view your portfolio....especially a zip file. People are lazy. More people will more likely look at your stuff if you have it viewable in their browser on a page. because as of now, i would have to download your zip, and click on each file to view in my jpeg viewer, or unzip the whole thing to a folder i create...yuck. plan for people to be lazy smile.gif
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    I love the splashpage, but I'm with tinman, make it browsable on the web. I promise you will get more people to actually LOOK at your art. People are put off to no end to not have it easily accessable. Most people determine whether a new site is worth looking at, within 7 seconds. thats all you get to impress someone.
  • _Shimmer
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    _Shimmer polycounter lvl 14
    yeah, of course that was the intend of the splash. As i said i had those uip files long before, just never had a coverletter to really say to the people "Hello! thi si worth to be downloaded"

    The real page will follow, i promise.
  • Zeldrik
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    Zeldrik polycounter lvl 12
    I downloaded this off your sig a few days ago because I like your work and I was glad I bothered. Some really impressive lowpoly and texturing skills man and only at the tender age of 18 :P (yeah I read your resume out of curiosity, and to be honest a lot of the English could be better but I know it’s not your native tongue). The only real crit I have is your high poly models, they just seem to be lacking in detail and some don’t look quite right. Definitely an area I would look at improving because at the moment it’s detracting from your other fine art.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • ironbearxl
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    ironbearxl polycounter lvl 17
    wtf, did Bobo have a german kid or something? Really great stuff man, listen to the above critiques. smile.gif You seem quite comfortable in your texturing ability, I have to say the download is reeeally worth the effort. If you could improve in another area, I would advise you to work on matching your models to their concepts. For instance the nuclear dawn soldier model severely deviates from the concept, and if the person you're working for gets pretty anal with details they'll be pushing you to match that concept until you can't tell the difference. Put a little bit more into the modeling stage, it's critical because it can make or break your texture.
  • rawkstar
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 16
    very cool stuff. Its got "bobo inspired" on almost every single image. smile.gif not that thats a bad thing. I like it. a few words of advice: 1. don't use too many overlays, I'm personally a victim of that and I see it in your work, its a cool way to add detail but don't rely on them too much. 2. minor thing, but dude thats up with those ultra sharp highlights on the noses ... I see them on almost every single character. wink.gif

    in any case, good work, I'm sure you will land a job soon.
  • _Shimmer
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    _Shimmer polycounter lvl 14
    hahaha the funny thing is poop corrected my resume. Seems like even the Americans cant write their own language. I always thought "man this sounds sooooo strange, but hey he is american, he should know better" laugh.gif

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Yes hipoly is my weak part and seems that visualizing from concept also (It showed up in my last contract, it took nearly one week to fit the proportions correclty, of course with the communication lacking between non working times).

    Hipoly is quite new to me, but remember that this stuff is nearly half a year old. What I wanted to say with that is, expect something VERY big for the near future.... crazy.gif
  • shotgun
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    shotgun polycounter lvl 17
    hey shimmer

    its good stuff man, uve been getting better gradually and only heading up

    as a portfolio put together it has a lot of stuff, which is always fun to look for the random browser. but - in my opinion, u have pieces in there that could be spared, even trade skills alltogether. your highpoly or 2d stuff are nowhere as good as your low poly character textures and seem only to do bad for u than good. a gillette mach 3 razor is great for a close shave b4 u give head to a girl but it doesnt belong in a character artist's portoflio -- yes, even if its the turbo power champion edition of the razor.

    the samurai medic concept is obviously the strongest piece in the 2d section. all the rest fall way behind it... so is there any point to them?
    my advice here is to
    a. dont mirror
    b. develop the somewhat generic drawing of a good concept into YOUR concept (keyword is creativety)

    so i think a portfolio for shimmer should only include low poly models and low poly textures.

    now since u pretty much put all the cards on the table u cant avoid general crit about ur gameplay smile.gif
    like poop
    hmm no..
    well somebody said theres a lot of bobo
    aah rockstar.. blat!
    thing is the style of most pieces is consistant (which is good) and kinda ive-seen-it-b4 (which is bad). its all very generic, do u see what im saying?
    ur rendering is somewhat recognizeable, i think, but the actualy content reminds me of too many things ive seen before. if u wonna stand out (and u do) u gotta get that *shimmer behind ur characters, concepts, models and razor blades. thats the most important thing imo....

    aight, long enuf.
    u'r hard worker thats gr8
    u'r really doing fine so far, u got ur technique pretty good together so its not holding u back, so now its time to let ur personal style filter in and make great characters, ull be a kick ass and ull get a gr8 job and a beautiful wife with sexy lips and a big house and have lotsa money and everyone is happy
    cool smile.gif
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