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wip - silent hillish scene

polycounter lvl 15
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iflingpoo polycounter lvl 15
finally got my lazy butt to work on some stuff in my free time, heres what i came up with so far.. looks kinda boring so far, any ideas what i could do to spice it up? differnt lighting maybe? props?


based on this ref pic


  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 16
    I like it, I'd like to see some more seepage/water marks. Maybe a few sublte colours reds/greens/browns to help break up the overpowering grey. Nice work
  • Makk
    Looking good. Some nice texture work there.
    Some more water stains would lookg good, maybe even try putting in a spot or a trail of bloodstains/blood
  • palm
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    palm polycounter lvl 12
    Cool stuff.
    Some more dramatic lighting would spice it up a lot.
    Maybe some more trash like old newspapers, cardboardboxes, some old pallets etc.

  • flachdrache
    SillentHill has a lot of detail in every scene. Most of the time they bump up the scenes with models i guess - in all its rotten glory smile.gif.
    I would add some long gone "flowerboxes", glass (brocken window)on the floor and maybe a gorry wheelchair (hospitalgarden?). Textures are looging very good, could be right from the game - with some fog of course smile.gif.
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 17
    Dude this rocks. I'm totally digging scenes more than characters lately - this one is great. My only crit is the lighting - and some lack in ambience. Perhaps some newspapers spread out on the ground, a puddle, dumpster - something. Looks GREAT compared to your reference, but adding some little things could contribute some.

    Kickass job dude.
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    are you reusing the ground texture on that tank up top? It really detracts from the overall scene. It has the potential to look really really nice, but as it is, it just feels kind of bland and homogenous. My favorate part is the wall with the doors and windows, that part rocks, but the same colr and concrete pattern spread over everything kind of kills it for me.

    One more new texture for that tank could seriously help it out. Looking good regardless though.
  • Sean McBride
    I agree with poop the reuse is fairly obvious but if you do another sexy rusty texture like you have going right now it will look extreamly cool. Nice work laugh.gif
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    The scene itself is really great, I love the old disturbing derelict rust bucket feel to scenery (ala silent hill). I think some of the texturing could do with some more rusty colour variation as it's most prodominantly grey at the moment, though perhaps u prefer that.
    It's reminding me of sh4 at the moment.
    All the scene needs is some extra environment props as previously suggested and voila.
  • Thermidor
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    Thermidor polycounter lvl 11
    definately go for the wheelchair ... put some stains on the floor dryed blood sorta thing , or just a puddle ... i used to play in an abandones hospotal when i was a kid ... very scary stuff , maybe a drip holder or somthing would work ... like has been said , junk it up smile.gif the textures are great , when i played SH3 through , i started somthing like this , but it wasnt anywhere near as good ... keep at it ...
  • Herr-Maestro
    *Wheelchair* , Bloodstains (Dried) , Maybe some rotted appendages? IE a hand or maybe a few fingers or toes laying by the wheelchair with a rusty steakknife behind the lft wheelchair's front wheel?
  • Mojo2k
    looking ace, my main complaint is the lighting, the whole scen seems very flat to me, hard to make out any depth
  • iflingpoo
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    iflingpoo polycounter lvl 15
    hey all! thanks for the crits and all, i didnt expect to get as many as i did =)

    definately going to make a couple new textures for that round thing at the top, and going to add some minor details like gutters and some wires and all 2nite

    as for the lighting, thats' probably one of my weakest points, anyone care to do a quick paintover to show what would work better?

    i was thinking this could be an old prosthetics (is that how its spelled?) manufacturer or soemthing, that might be kinda cool, as for the wheelchair and all.. wickked idea.. i'll start on the props as soon as im done all the environmental stuff i have in mind =)

    bloodstains and water marks are definately something it needs too, but at the same time im not exactly sure how i want to do them? i dont want to paint them in the texture since im just tiling 3 different ones at the moment, so i was thinking of overlaying polys w/ alphas for stains and all.. would that be a good idea? just keeping in mind the whole thought that this is sposed to be for a game engine of some sort

    anyways.. i do have normal maps planned for this too , cant wait to do those!
  • iflingpoo
  • Mojo2k
    most game engines (ones i've used anyways) alow you to do blood an such on decal layers, this is usualy done in a seperate uv channel, and the game sets the textures in that channel as either an overlay, or sometimes just stick them on top like a sticker (you alpha out the areas you don't want to show) i think theres a way to simulate this in max with maybe a blend material, but i've never tried at all, the engine i'm using now has its custome max material pluggin that adds the detail channel into our max material,

    but man the lighting helped shit loads in that scene
    this is a testimate how just simple lighting can really help make a scene pop
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    Yeah, the lighting certainly has helped. Also good to have brought out the less obvious details in the texture some and it's nice to see some more colour variation.

    Decals are the way to go, though I'm unsure how such a task would be done within max.

    It's lookin great, keep at it wink.gif
  • Steakhouse
    Maybe further intensify the lighting? Get a good central halo going and place a character in it that would fit the scene. Maybe let the light wash out in a few places too. Oh and get a noise grain over it all. It's not Silent Hill without a noise grain!
  • jzero
    What your scenes need are some kind of focus, right now they're just empty spaces, with nothing for the eye to roam around and finally hit on. The wheelchair idea is a good example of this, but there could be any number of things that could serve this purpose. It's like an empty stage that needs an actor just standing there, that will give it some implied meaning, and with this much atmosphere, you'll need it.

    Ever seen a movie called 'Session 9'? You'll find it VERY inspirational, if you haven't already.

  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    I fuckin love it. big fan of the series and the art style. very nice. my demo reel is acctualy heavily influenced by the art style.

    at any rate, nice work. you're a much better texture artist than I wink.gif
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