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[wip]Character, need help pls

Hi guys, I am working quite some time on this char. First somethign looks wrong on his perporsions but i dont know what, because the proportions are the same as my ref image.
Then i got some problems at the "ass" area, how should this be welded/cuted ?:O
Ah and his boots look strange in the fornt and top view port, is this normal? how should i fix it ;o
More C&C is welcome
Thxn guys =)


  • Daz
    Porportionally he looks pretty sound to me.

    I would grab all the faces that make up the underside of the crotch, scale them in so that the gap in between his legs is narrower, and pull it down too. Youre not really allowing for him wearing pants right now.

    The feet will look odd in front ortho since theyre pointing absolutely straight out. People usually stand with the feet angled out slightly. I dont think you should worry about it too much, since its a default modeling pose, but personally for aesthetic reasons I prefer to angle the feet out 5 or 10 degrees or so.
  • Zeldrik
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    Zeldrik polycounter lvl 12
    Hmmm maybe his eyes/glasses are too high on his head, just seems he doesn have much of a forehead.
    Definitely pull the crotch down as Daz suggested.
    Maybe try widening his chest a little, he just seems a bit week in that area when compared to the profile.
  • Ryno
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    Ryno polycounter lvl 15
    There needs to be more vertical distance between the top of his waist, and the bottom of his crotch. The pelvis looks to short imo. The knees are a tad low, and the whole lower leg is too far back when seen from the side. This makes him look like he's leaning forward a bit. The butt should come down a bit, and stick out a little more. Also, be sure to add some more segments in the upper shoulder/lowr neck area, as right now this isn't going to deform well when you try to animate it.

    It's looking like a solid start, just a few little adjustments to get it where you want it.
  • Badname
    ey guy thnx for the help, i fixed all those things you mentioned, going to finish the model now and shearsh some pics on how to make the ass better wink.gif still isnt 100% :X

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