Unpaid Work - Guidelines (updated January 22, 2017}

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Unpaid Work - Guidelines

This forum provides a place to seek volunteers to create content for your projects. This means individuals or mod teams looking for staff but not able to pay for the work.

We have a few simple guidelines to follow here to cut down on the clutter and keep this professional.
  1. This is for unpaid work only. If you can pay now, post in Full time/Part time or Freelance forum sections. If your project offers some sort of delayed payment, it belongs in the Royalties forum section.
  2. Do not spam. Post your ad once. If you're looking for someone, and you have updated the position, then it is OK to update your thread to show that change. Feel free to refresh your thread with changes, but provide something in your post besides "Just a bump" or "Still looking!". Update the first post, and make a new reply to explain what has changed. The point of this rule is to discourage meaningless posts. Otherwise everyone is bumping their thread to get to the top, and each thread gets filled with posts which are an annoyance for everyone.
  3. Do not reply in a thread unless you have a relevant question which informs everyone, i.e. "What is the art style?", "Do you require specific software?", etc. Don't ask questions which only apply to your situation. Use the Send Message system, or email, to contact someone for work. The point of this rule is to discourage posts that are an annoyance for your potential employers, and are noise for the rest of the potential applicants.
  4. Applicants should not post images from their portfolio, info selling themselves, or links to their portfolio in a project's thread. If you want to apply, email or Send Message them directly with a link to your portfolio.
  5. Do not post just to say you have applied, i.e "Message sent!". This is an annoyance for the original poster (OP) and everyone else.
  6. Do not ask when you'll receive a response, or to state you haven't heard back. Responding to each applicant is a very time-consuming process, most OPs do not have the time for this. If you do not hear back, it is best to assume the OP is not interested in your submission. If the OP is still looking, they will post an update.
  7. This is not a place to critique/comment on other people's work, these sort of responses need to be kept in Showcase & Critique. If you have a comment for someone, use Send Message.
  8. If you are a new user posting and do not see your thread, feel free to use Send Message to contact one of the moderators who will make sure it gets approved. We have an anti-spam filter in place to catch all the nonsense and viagra ads that somehow always seem to end up here. If you do not see your thread after posting, do not post multiple threads, just contact one of the moderators via Send Message.
  9. If you see someone breaking these guidelines, we encourage you to use the Flag > Report button. This sends a message to the moderators, who will look into the post and decide whether it needs moderation. 

If you have any questions about this section feel free to ask in this thread.


  • Herr-Maestro
    Thanks Bearkub. Good to see the boards and staff back in action and in full effect.
  • DavidCoen
    not certain if you want input, but did enjoy the slightly more relaxed atmosphere of the 'requests forum', or at least the orpourtunity to be silly that was once the 'spinning quad' thread... though then again having seen a few unnessacarry flames here, guess a bit of 'hitting people on the head with big hammers' could be called for
  • Bubee
    Hi Bearcub, I was on IRC with you guys earlier tonight discussing I was looking for a modeler, I am with the adult entertainment company /Porn. I posted $ Comission a modeler in the paid jobs and it is a paid job but would it be better posted in the request forum since it is a small side project for someone to do some Nude models for my company?
  • Eric Chadwick
    Updated the rules today. We've changed these from Rules into Guidelines. We do not actively patrol the job sections to catch rule breakers. 

    If you see someone breaking these guidelines, we encourage you to use the Flag > Report button. This sends a message to the moderators, who will look into the post and decide whether it needs moderation. 

    We hope the community can self-police. This section is here at your request, after all, and exists for your benefit. We hope you will show us your professionalism; if not then we'll have to revise things a bit. But we believe in you!
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