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Generic Fantasy Creatures

Well I noticed that Arcise thing on the front page and I figured I would take a break from the elemental and see if I could make a buck or 2, so these past two days I quickly made some generic monsters. I made a cyclops and a mummy, skinned, normal mapped (Cause the thing said they could be) and made some quick spec maps. The mummy still needs an alpha map though. The Mummy is 1840 tris, and the cyclops is 1848 tris, they both have 1024x1024 maps, I figured if the people take them, they could optimize the texture sizes if they wanted to.

Here are the pics

Crits and Critques are welcome. Though I already know they are very generic looking, so no need to point that out smirk.gif


  • lkraan
    Generic? They looks pretty special to me smile.gif

    Mummy looks great and unsymetrical because of the bandages. The skin is a little bit too grey for my taste. I don't know if it's possible to add some sort of a color to spice things up. Although it's old ass corpse so it has probably lost all color smile.gif
    The skin for the cyclops looks really good. His legs and upper arms look a little bit lumpy. Dunno if that is the model or the skin but I would try to define muscles a bit more.
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    Pretty spiffin work, the mummy i think lacks detail in the texture, I think further defining decay and such may help, cyclops looks like he cud do with some veins and his head seems rather shrinked, unless that's on purpose :]
  • FatAssasin
    These look great. You should do a whole series of "generic" creatures. I'd love to see the creature from the black lagoon.

    The only I see is that the hangy down bit on the mummy's arm is going to be hard to keep from intersecting the arm itself when it's in a more natural pose and animated. But then again, if it's animated in the generic arms outstretched zombie walk then it's not a problem. Otherwise, I'd keep the dangly bits closer to the extremities.
  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 16
    personally i think the mummy needs more bandages. could easily get away with using the same model for a zombie, just change some of the bandages to torn clothing, and then make an even more 'generic' [classic] mummy with a bit more covering.

    either way, looks great.
  • Neo_God
    Ikraan, I'm only saying Generic because there's nothing that really makes them different from any other cyclops or mummy wink.gif. I'm thinking of adding some yellow tints into the mummy, or maybe some orange, I dunno, I'm gonna try different things, because it is looking pretty monochromatic. And as for the "Lumpyness" I noticed that whenever you hear about people who are unsually tall they're muscles never look all too right, and I've seen people with the sorta lumpy flesh, when they're too heavy for their own good. Just a small detail I added for fun. I wanted to make it look more realistic, cause when relaxed you don't see your muscles buldging from your body. and if you do...lay off the steroids, haha.

    Razorbladder, Mummies rarely show much decay flesh wise, I mean usually the only parts gone are the cartilage and such. They usually look more dried out than decayed, though some were preserved very well, I mean take Ramsees(SP?) for example, that mummy is old as hell and still has his nose, ears and bits of his eyes. I think I am gonna add some veins to the cyclops, and the head is intenionally that small, it adds to the size of his body.

    FatAssasin, I will be doing 2 more most likely, not sure what the other 2 will be yet, here's a List of the other creatures this game is needing, Im thinking maybe a troll and a Ghoul. Though I never thought about the hanging bits on the arm, I guess I just assumed that they would use the stereotypical zombie walk with that arms out, maybe I'll add some more to it's torso and shorten the bits on his arms so they would look less noticable.

    Sectaurs, I had added more bandages before, but it didn't look right to me for some reason, like actaully orginally had it being bandage less, then I added a lot of bandage then took away a bunch and I liked the outcome.Personally I don't think the same could be used for a zombie, like I said, a zombie would look more decayed and fleshy.

    Comments and crits are great so far, keep them coming please smile.gif
  • Thermidor
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    Thermidor polycounter lvl 11
    Nice work , will they mind you posting it all here?
  • Neo_God
    I don't see why, they posted a message at polycount saying they'd pay $25-$50 for models from the public, you use their image uploader and pick what they like for their low budget massive mulitplayer game. I'd imagein it would be cheaper than paying someone full time, and even if my stuff isn't picked, I still had fun making them.
  • Neo_God
    Well I was gonna post this sooner, but my internet has been on the fritz, I made a ghoul, I don't think this would be too generic, cause I really had no idea what a stereotypical ghoul looked like, so I figured a ghoul is just a name for a scary looking ghost. Though I also distorted the hell out of its anatomy, it sorta reminds me of something from ghostbusters.


    I'm still working on it, and I'm not sure how to make that mist around his lower body look right, the cylinders look are way too visible. So some help/suggestions would be nice smile.gif.

    As always C&C is weclomed.

    I also updated the Mummy, I shortened the bands haning down from the arm, and alpha'd in some tears so it looked better. Though it's not really needing a picture at the moment.
  • Illusions
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    Illusions polycounter lvl 12
    Drop the opacity down a lot on the cylinders, and if you can, paint in the alpha texture using the spatter brush, with more concentrated at the bottom, less at the top. Don't use strokes though, like random click around with your mouse. As for how the opacity should be otherwise, think of clouds I guess and their shape, and run with that...
  • Neo_God
    Well this is just a small update of the Ghoul, I desided to scrap the orginal base and put this instead.
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