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SouL polycounter lvl 13

Large renders:


699 tris. 256x256 for the body. 128x64 for the wings.

More or less modeled after the Succubus in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night... just not as slutty. The original design had her wearing just a corset. I did most of the textures for her today at work and I could not rist getting caught painting her cunt and tits all day. Hahahahah

Here's an interesting tidbit about Lilith (taken from The Castlevania Dungeon = www.classicgaming.com/castlevania )
"Probably known more amongst video gamers as Morrigan's jailbait succubus sister in Darkstalkers, Lilith is actually an interesting story in the "original" version of the Adam and Eve story. The Hebrews had two anthologies of the Bible - the Torah and the Talmud. The Torah is much of much of what became the Old Testament in the Christian bible. However, the Talmud contained various bits of folklore. This particular story was found in Talmud. Apparently the first woman, she was created as a mate for Adam before Eve came along. However, she was very independent. The story goes that she refused intercourse in missionary position (guy on top) and would not become subserviant to man (or God.) She was either kicked out of the Garden of Eden, or she left on her own will. She then become a demon. She shows up in various other cultures too, such as the Babylonian Goddess Lilitu (which translates to "the monster of the night".) She is also identified with the defiance of man, which is why she is the symbol of empowered women everywhere. "

The anime-style face was by far the most difficult to paint. The first run through I didn't have enough pixels for her face. Her eyes were literally 4 pixels high. It just didn't look right. So I shifted some UVs around and gave the face about 4x the original space. Went better the 2nd time, through.

I did all the modeling Sunday... then took her to work and finished her up here at home.


  • Faucet
    Excellent work! (as usual)

    I'm not sure if I'm diggin' the alpha mapped hands, though it really does make the model look like a much higher polygon model.

    The wings are incredible!
  • KDR_11k
    Her face reminds me of someone, not sure who, though. Maybe it's just a generic look. Did you use any refs?

    I once heard that Eve was actually infertile and any children Adam had were descendants of Lilith. Though the bit about Lilith becoming a demon confuses me since Cain is generally considered the first demon. Either way, those stories kind of imply that white men are descendants of demons...
    Though, wasn't the woman declared inferior to the man after Eve gave Adam the apple?

    And who's next, Dracula?
  • Sean McBride
    Wow, extremely efficient! I love your unfiltered textures, so crisp looking. wink.gif

    I'm starting to think you don't ever sleep wink.gif
  • Daz
    Very nice. The alpha mapped hands are a really neat idea. Im not sure Ive ever seen that done before actually. She looks much higher res than she is.

    I know how youre loving the non filtered thang, but I think its being taken a bit far on the thong. I dont see why you couldnt have at least one mid colour pixel between the thong and skin. After all, youve softened stuff around the eyes.
  • gauss
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    gauss polycounter lvl 12
    soul, you're the man. all these low poly models you've been doing look beautiful and seem to me like the digital art equivalent of doing hand-crafted miniatures--they're tiny, but so precise and immaculately detailed. keep them coming smile.gif
  • Asherr
    eeeee! he listened to me! laugh.gif

    very nice work smile.gif

    throw off your normal maps! it's a low poly revoltution!
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Looks nice Soul. I'm not big on the whole unfiltered thing, but your textures looking good none-the-less.

    If I remember correctly there was another female created between Lilith and Eve, I forget her name though. All that pre-biblical stuff is always good fun. I particularly like the original version of the Sodom and Gomorrah story, where god wiped out the cities because they were fall of fallen angels who were interbreeding with the humans creating a race of half-angels called Gamors. A useful one to remember if you're arguing with homophobic Christians.
  • Neo_God
    Face Looks really nice, So does the hair, they look odd though compared to the rest though, they are much smoother than the other parts. Though you stated the whole problem with the eyes.

    The alpha mapped Hands remind me of Bushido Blade 2, I think the developers did the same thing, which is nice cause it really looks a lot better than using boxes for hands. Though speaking of alphas, you gonna alpha the hair to? Or leave it with flat hard edges at the ends
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 16
    great work, when are you planning to release your castlevania ?
    Maybe ea can publish it laugh.gif
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    gorgeous, wings are my favorate part. I dont mind the alpha'd hands, but the geometry they sit on seems too small. if you bulked them up a bit, would feel alot better.

    also this is my favorate hair from you so far. One small suggestion, (coming from someone who has been doign hair for the last 2 months) is that specular on hair isnt just white, it has a sort of bleed on the top side that is like a 2/3's specular, that is heavily colored in the hue of the hair. its the translucency of the hair folicles drawing the light of the specular upward. minor crit really
  • Thermidor
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    Thermidor polycounter lvl 11
    when i read the title i was expecting the dark stalkers lilith smile.gif looking great ... still love the unfiltered look ....

    as far as i know , lilith was made an "equal" to man , and coz man didnt like it she was thrown out .... but i never really paid that much attention ... i think all the bible "torah" storys are alot older metaphoric tales.. but make for great inspiration ..
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    Wow, that's really great.
    The alpha'd hands seem a really kool idea, though there are clear alignment issues.
    I've often found tryin to paint anime style faces, much more difficult than a more realistic attempt. You done a great job on the hair aswell.

    Definately seems like my kinda chick tongue.gif
  • lkraan
    Kickass low poly stuff you're creating these days!
    Awesome how you can create such nice and detailled skins with so little texture space.
    I would make the shading in the face a tiny bit darker though. Might be my monitor too smile.gif
  • JKim3
    this is awesome. it's really fun watching these. about how long did this take you (model and texture)?
  • Josh_Singh
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    Josh_Singh polycounter lvl 13
    Soul, you rock man.
  • Marine
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    Marine polycounter lvl 17
  • frosty
    Your really a weird guy Soul, hehe smile.gif
  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 16
    face is gorgeous. i'm with KDR, she reminds me of someone, but can't place it...
  • Quaggs
    Awesome work as usual Soul, your texture maps seem to never waste much space.
  • IceWolve
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    IceWolve polycounter lvl 15
    I have got to learn how to do good low poly models like those! >_< those would be great in warcraft 3!(including the other 2)
  • SouL
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    SouL polycounter lvl 13
    Thanks smile.gif
    Good to know that folks are liking it. A much better feeling that being flamed smile.gif Hahahahah

    I would love to work on a 3d Castlevania game. But that's never going to happen. Not unless I happen to be working for Konami USA and they decide to hand us their precious Castlevania franchise. I think the US studio does Contra and other "low profile" games.

    The last 2 models I did had alpha mapped hands. I was fairly happy with how they turned out so I did it again for this one. From far away it looks pretty good, I think. Obviously you run into the problem of having paper thin fingers in certain angles.

    The face wasn't painted with anyone in mind. Was a bit of a fluke to be honest. I had this idea in my head where I only wanted the eyes and mouth to be visible with a suble hint of the nose... something very similar to the original drawings of Ayami Kojima.
  • KMan
    I remember killing a number of these gals on the plane flight to and from Virginia these last few days. I always keep Aria of Sorrow on my GBA at all times.

    The alpha hand textures is a pretty cool idea.
    I agree with poop and daz. The pantys could be a bit smoother, as well as some of the lace bitz. And the hair is a bit unsatturated in some spots along the top.

    One more thing. The leather doesn't have the usual reflect light that you have given on the Crow and the Grissom character. I think that would help add some more color too her. Seems a bit too monochromatic, even for you. smile.gif
  • Xavi
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    Xavi polycounter lvl 15
    awesome work! Ive been meaning to do a low poly character and this is great inspiration from seeing the mesh. Her shoulders seem on the broad side to me though... but still, it kinda goes with the character.. neat piece of work smile.gif
  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    thats shweet smile.gif


    the anti-alias thing is cool in moderation, but on the thong and bra pieces it looks a little tacky and too much. If it was at 160x120 res it'd look sweet, but i think a little aliasing can be your friend sometimes. The wings dont bother me at all, they look cool and have a ps1 quality to them, which is sweet.

    Jaggies do allow the colors to be super clean and sharp, but i dont really dig it that much here honestly. I do respect you doing something different though, dont get me wrong wink.gif
  • Herr-Maestro
    Just pasted by this and since its halloween tonight. I have to say I wouldn't mind running into her for a trick or a "treat" during the middnight hour.
  • KDR_11k
    Except that she'd probably hit you square in the face or wander off with our soul or something...
  • jzero
    WOW. Exquisite work. I love the wireframe by itself. beautiful use of so few polygons. Everything looks just right-- spare and rich at the same time. I love it that the lace is single pixels(!!!) I'd love to play a Quake1 mod with characters like these. Whew.

    Okay, more of Soul's pics in my 'look+learn' file...

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