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Diamond Sword

The famous faction that was left out of Tribes Vengeance. Pheonix, Blood Eagle, and the reincarnated Starwolf were all in Vengeance, but Diamond Sword was left out. Maybe they had a reason, maybe not, but i got bored last night and decided i would try and make the Diamond Sword faction based on the Vengeance style.

So far i have the medium armor basically completed, with just a bit of tweaking to do

Also the jet packs are just a test im messing with. I really have no idea how the Diamond Sword jets should look, but enough text, heres the pictures =O)

I guess image tags dont work?
Sorry that these new renders are darker, i forgot the light source

Heres the reference i used (Big picture)

What do you guys think? i tried my best to make it accurate but also keep the vengeance style, so

Its ranging around 3.5 to 3.7 pollies, but im going to optimize it. Stuff like the silver circle on his forehead are just stand ins so i can see how it looks

Crit's comments and opinions are always welcome!

Also if anyone has a better jet pack idea, DRAW IT smile.gif

thankx n00bstories for the host


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