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Slow work week.

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SouL polycounter lvl 13
Death: Dracula's right hand man in the Castlevania series.
615 tris. All the texturing was actually done today. The back is a little goofy. A bit hard to tell what's going on.
The textures are a little dark on this one. You may have to brighten your monitor a bit. I had no idea my monitor at work was so bright. I'd fix the texture itself but I currently don't have Photoshop running on my home machine.

Dullahan: Evil magical armor.
451 tris.

Basically with not much to do at work... I worked on these to kill time.


  • Sean McBride
    Soul, can i eat your brain? I need the knowledge.

    Such an inspiration man.
  • Thegodzero
    ... i hate you soul. You make that seem way too easy. I'm going to go cry now.
  • Daz
    Earlier in the week:

    SouL: So is there much to do?

    Daz: No, not really. Were just putting the finishing touches on the movie. You can practise your high poly shit in anticipation of Xbox2 If you like.

    SouL: Oh, ok.

    WTF! Ahahaha

    Oh well, looks nice.
    Seems like youre really getting into the old skool thing? Ever thought abut working with the new handhelds?

    Theres really not much to crit when you get down to the wire like this. The model is decent and efficient and the textures nicely done. But lose the writing on the textures! I dunno, it just comes across as sort of arrogant. Might not be the intended message, but it feels weird. Maybe its just cos it reminds me of the you know what texture with all its narcissistic comments on it. But I mean why waste the UV space? Now go pimp it on cgtalk and get flamed ;-p
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    Nice work going on there, it's strange how the back on Death looks confusing as though you're looking at his front.
    Texture work is great on both models minus the Death issue smile.gif

    *Gawks at Dullahan uv space* o.O'
  • Illusions
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    Illusions polycounter lvl 12
    I'm just going to go back to my corner now...really great work with such low detail as usual soul...only crit I have is...where is Death's skull? I want to see...but anyway...the texture...its...its...got to be the texture mapping on Dullahan speaking to me...


    Whats that Dullahan I couldn't hear you?


    Say again?

  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    coolness soul, i actually like that black goofy stuff smile.gif

    so, why did you put obey on the texture??!? that totally could have been space for more texture res, or a FUCKING HEAD! heh just fuckin with ya. wink.gif

    seriously cool shit though, i need practice.
  • Asherr
    very nice stuff...

    now make the succubus from symphony of the night wink.gif
  • Quaggs
    Those characters are both made very well, I especially like the use of double sided polies on dullahan and the folds in the cloth of deaths texture. Is that skull just there for kicks or is it an actual part of the texture?
  • Steakhouse
    Obey is on that texture because he's not trying to make something perfect, he's doing this because he can and it's fun.

    Unless I've completely missed the point that is.
  • IceWolve
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    IceWolve polycounter lvl 15
    Very great work. Is it going to be for anything in specific or is it just good low poly practice?

    Btw moose, it doesnt get a head, Its a Boss Dullahan, Magical walking armor with a sword, from Vagrant Story, good game, i never finished it though, got a little bored with it.

    And i think he put the obey there, like he did with the dragon to reserver the alpha space if i remember correctly.

    Great inspirational work to show you dont need High polycounts and high texture resolutions to have good game quality models. Do you plan on rigging and making some animations for them? Id like to se ethat smoke around the death guy flutter around.
  • SouL
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    SouL polycounter lvl 13
    DaZ: Hahahahah! smile.gif
    These are just really, really fun to make. And it takes very little time to get the results you're thinking of in your head.
    I've never thought about working on the new handhelds. So you've just given me an idea.

    Obey is there for fun. I used to write on my textures but I haven't done so in a while. So I thought I'd start it up again. Only on bits that aren't being used, though. That entire 64x64 square on the Dullahan texture page isn't being used. The texture is actually one 128x64 and one 64x64. If you put them together you get a 128x128 page with a 64x64 block that's not being used.
  • Daz
    Yeah it just seems you have a real nack for highly optimal work. Although as for this line: "Only on bits that aren't being used, though."

    There shouldnt bloody be any!!!!

  • DarthRevanII
    This low poly - low res skins are just amazing. Its so intrigueing how such little size and amount can look so great. I love seeing your models, and for some reason, i consider your stuff to bea sort of miniature figurine model XOD. Really great stuff...make more! i want more!
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    looks great man. i love the low poly work. the textures are top notch too. when doing textural grit on textures this low, do you just add noise, or do you still overlay layers of actual images of metal/dirt etc?
  • SouL
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    SouL polycounter lvl 13
    It's a combination of noise and some of the "noisy" brushes that come in PS7. I think some of them are in 6, too.

    I stopped using texture overlays when I started to work for EA. I was always afraid that DaZ would not accept my stuff if it was not 100% hand done. So I had to find an alternative to overlaying photos.

    A lot of it is just custom brushes with different paintbrush modes randomly splattered in areas.
  • b1ll
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    b1ll polycounter lvl 17
    ya, I create/use customs brushes too, I think it work quiete well, its more fun then using overlays too, IMO that is..

    Its easy to create in ps7/cs now too.

  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 17
    I like 'em ... and I don't think the grim reaper guy is too dark... just right! If anything the armour guy's texture is too bright for my liking smile.gif
    On the back of the hood texture, shading looks weird, should be more light folds underneath the main "point" of the hood? it looks like it's trying to be the front, with that dark "hole" below it...
    I am also not a fan of the writing stuff in unused texture space. Pshshhh!
    Good work though.

  • Daz
    [ QUOTE ]
    I stopped using texture overlays when I started to work for EA. I was always afraid that DaZ would not accept my stuff if it was not 100% hand done. So I had to find an alternative to overlaying photos.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Now that's silly smile.gif I have nothing against using photos in texture maps per se. Heck, I used one for Brosnan as a rough base and do it all the time. I just think that If youre gonna use photos, do the required cleanup work. Something like the characters in 'The Getaway' being the prime example of how not do it. Stuff just looks messy as hell.( But Im sure Firestarter will be fixing that for the sequel ;-p )

    Sorry to hijack, just felt like clearing that up. Carry on smile.gif
  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    wow i guess sarcasm doesnt go over well anymore. either that or people didnt read "i was just fuckin with ya" wink.gif was merely making a reference back to the cgtalk thread... guess no one picked up on it. WEAK!
  • _Shimmer
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    _Shimmer polycounter lvl 14
    delicous....I think its somehow cool that deaths back looks like his front. somehow bizzare which gives the character a very mysterious feel.

    I like it.
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