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r13 founder

I've been asked by a company in Austin, Texas to give them some leads on
possible character artist candidates. They also want to not attract front page
attention with this. They need an experienced character artist that can build
and texture high quality character models. I'm posting this personally to ensure
you that this is a real opportunity. </p>

Character Artist: modeling and texturing</p>
[*]Some concept experience is nice, but not required.
[*]Maya experience preferred but not required.
[*]Normal mapping experience is preferred but not required.
[*]Rigging and/or animation experience is a plus.
[*]Management experience as a senior/lead artist or art director levels is
desirable, but industry experience is required.
[*]This is a full time on-site position.

I think you get the idea. Please post a few of your better pimp shots and
provide a link to your website or portfolio with some contact information. </p>

I realize I'm breaking a rule here with this off topic request, but I figure
I'm allowed to. And don't email me asking, cause I ain't telling</p>


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