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Name: Miguel Nogueira
Timezone: GMT+1 (UK/London/Lisbon)

What I can do: I can concept design through artwork, including ideas, iterations, brainstorming, story research, level design and game design sketches, mood, aesthetics, and art direction in general. I also have experience working in graphic design, digital and traditional clay sculpting, and have knowledge of cinematography and multimedia tools. I have worked with a few indies and big studios alike, such as EA DICE, Ubisoft, Archetype Entertainment, Hasbro, Sony, to name a few.

My work has been featured from news sites such as Kotaku to art communities such as Behance (character design category feature), CGSociety Hall of Fame, and Artstation Editor's picks.

I'm currently working with a few studios under NDA material.

If you have a project you'd like to start, I'd love to hear from you, reach out by email, as I'm currently booking the following available weeks in my schedule.

I'll invite you to visit my website: https://www.menogcreative.com/ or my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/migno
And drop me a line through hello@menogcreative.com 

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