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Simulation Game Seeking Programmer

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Looking for - Passionate Simulation/Base Building Enthusiasts.

Programmer - Farming System - Base Building System - Gathering System - Mining System - Tree Cutting System
Level Designer - Anyone Welcome :)
3D Modelers - Architecture - Foliage - Terrain Artists

About Me ( And what's currently going on with this game )

Little bit about myself;
I work at a AAA game studio. I'm a Lead Environment Artist.
I've been in game developing for just over 10 years now, Professionally and I know what is needed for certain pipelines to make this a reality.
I have a lot of knowledge on Art, PBR, Vegetation, Weapons, Lighting but no Experience with Programming.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing a lot of Simulation Games which lead me to working on my project that I would love to keep building and hopefully one day be able to open my own game studio with partners.

I am in the process of attempting to re-vamp Simulation Games. I've spent a long time playing games Like the Forest, Medieval Dynasty, Rust and I can see the potential and the market.

Not to create just any game but to revolutionize aspects Simulation Games in ways not seen in any before...

Revshare. We all have bills to pay, I've sunk a lot of money into the systems I already have here and also paid for stuff I still have yet to see.

Lets make something incredible that will get us amazing funding.
This isn't a project for you to sacrifice your life on, its more of a passion project you can keep adding to as it goes.
This is a project with a beginning, middle and an end goal.

Art Direction

The art direction revolves around visually different aesthetics, using the worlds resources to gather and scavenge resources and use those resources to create beautiful worlds with different looks.

Contact Me

Contact me if you feel you could do with some passion time!
If you're someone who would like to listen to what I have to say and is curious about what's being developed.
This isn't just some indie dev trying to make a quick rushed half polished game.
I would like to the game industry as a whole.
To bring new life to a genre of games that really needs it.

-- Serious contacts only please --
Please Include a link to reference work (artstation/instagram/website/ext)
Add a reply on the comments section with a link

Add me on Discord cereal__killer.

I understand this is an ambitious project however, all we need is a playable demo to get publishers interested!

This is the time for Indi Studios to rise!

I've already Purchased some packs to make it easier to manage the Systems.


They all seem to be great and integrate into each other, the next system I will be purchasing is the XP System
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