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Feedback for my 3D character

polycounter lvl 4
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VFVPGiotto polycounter lvl 4
Hello, I'm dealing with this character, and is hard for me guess the proportions with this view, can someone give me a feedback to make a better work.


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    i like to do a quick rig and put them in the same pose and then check it that way. It can be difficult to gauge if its in a different pose. 

    Just glancing your proportions look fine to me. I'd caution to avoid getting out a millimeter measuring tool, but rather zoom out and make sure you are getting the artistic character of the concept communicated above all. That's easiest to do viewing it from a distance so that you don't focus in on details.

    you might find it a little easier to make changes to the proportions if you do a quick retopo so you can work on a very low poly mesh at this stage. Also getting the chunky angular feel to things like the armor and shoes is easier with low poly modeling. 
  • Toureiro
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    Looking good so far!

    Here are my two cents:

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