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Walk Animation Critique

polycounter lvl 2
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marcstigall polycounter lvl 2
Hi! I'm learning animation and I was working on this walk with the blender Rain character. I'm still learning and I got the Animator's Survival Kit Book and used the walk cycle page to help make this. I know it still needs more work and I'm here to get feedback on what improvements I need to make. Thank you!



  • marcstigall
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    marcstigall polycounter lvl 2
    After receiving some feedback this is the updated walk with some added lighting and shadows and I used a checker board plane to spot any sliding feet. The vertical movements on the down poses have been toned down so she doesn't look stompy and a twist in the hip control was used to compensate for the long strides.

  • Toureiro
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    Walk cycles are HARD to do well. I can definitely see some influences from the book, which is good, but if you want to be an animator, trying to make it look better by adding lights and textures is counterproductive. 

    This is a phenomenal video I strongly encourage you to follow. It's in Maya but the same principles hold. You will learn a TON! I did :wink:


    Then a good exercise is to animate a heavy person and a very light person. By doing that you will understand weight better and be able to animate anything in between more easily. 

    Good luck and keep us posted :) 

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