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Magic Beanstalk Environment (UE5)

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Just finished this piece in UE5.4

Based on a watercolor by Mateusz Urbanowicz II for his book Tokyo at Night. After I replicated the original image I decided I wanted to take it a bit further and put my own spin on it. Idea for the magic beanstalk came after watching the anime Blue Seed and I wanted to make a scene with plants taking over Tokyo but didn't want to make something overly destructive/wartorn. Settled on this. 

I'm happy enough with it. Used some props(light pole in particular) from the Tokyo Back Alley kit(https://www.bigmediumsmall.com/tokyo-back-alley), used Metahuman to make the kid in the foreground, I think the truck is from the Matrix demo but I'm not sure.

Would love feedback, of course


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