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The process of creating a Rocket Boat of Project 1241 - Part 1

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Attknin triangle

Today I want to share with you the process of creating a rocket boat. And I will start, in my opinion, with the most interesting, namely, with how I created its hull. But! First of all I want to list the software I used: Fusion 360, Zbrush, Maya, Moi3d, partially for export Plasticity, as well as Substance Painter, Marmoset and Photoshop. Also for post-processing I like to use the program Luminar. 

Also, here's the reference board I used:

So, in creating the hull, I used theoretical drawings:

Here we go. To build the complex hull geometry, we will need elements such as the Spar, Board Break Line, Cheekbone Line, and Board Line, respectively.  The Fusion 360 program was used first.

First we arrange our drawings and build sketches according to the drawings. 

Then using surfaces, I connected the sketches I created with each other:

In this situation, I was still using history, because thanks to it you can adjust the sketches, and real-time surfaces along with them.

The hardest part for me was building the nose section, as it has a rounded shape there.

Of course it would be possible to immediately use the bottom split sketch and already through it to draw the surface, which then would not conflict with the nose part of the hull.

But I decided to take a different route. 
I managed to connect the bottom corner using the planes themselves, as it didn't want to draw surfaces through the sketches:

And that's it! The only thing is a small bulge at the joints of the surfaces, but when modeling for games, I fixed the bump, and the resulting incorrect shading later in Zbrush.

Then, according to the drawings and references, I finished the sides and chamfers in the aft part. Later, in the process of creating the other elements of the boat, the hull was also subjected to adjustments, but without touching the basic, already established, criteria.

Then I was already engaged in modeling of other elements of the boat, also using drawings and references (examples): 

In the next parts I will already tell you how I created a highly polygonal model in Zbrush, as well as how I did the optimization of the polygonal mesh for adequate shading.

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  • kanga
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    kanga quad damage
    Good stuff.
    Loads of detail. Bit much though. Modelling is pretty good. There is so much stuff and there is little composition. The image is a bit of a mess and needs some planning. Looks like you threw everything into the details and didn't think much about what you wanted to convey. There is no description on what you are aiming for but it should be apparent from the image.

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