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MOD AR-15 Assault rifle

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MOD AR-15 Assault rifle
Hi everyone, this time I want to share with you the process of creating MOD AR-15.I started modeling my assault rifle in Fusion 360, I like this program very much and I like CAD modeling in general. I used blueprints and other references to build the model.
The process was fascinating, probably one of my favorites after texturing.Further for export you can use the following ways: immediately high-polygonal model with ready chamfers export to the polygonal program for modeling (especially when the history is saved and you can immediately then for low-polygonal model groups to remove chamfers), or through Zbrash to make a high-polygonal model, and low-polygonal model with Plasticity or Moi3D. I prefer the second method, but I think if I were making a new model I would use the first method.Then in Maya I optimize the low-poly model, do a sweep, use UV Layout to render and smooth more complex UV islands, and RizomUV to package them.I also use overlaps to optimize the UV space, reducing the texel of islands that are not visible or not visible at all. You can also use the space of islands that are not visible to texture islands that are visible, but I mainly use the first two methods.
I use Marmoset to bake texture maps, and Photoshop to correct them. For texturing, I use Substance Painter, and may use sources such as Megascans to improve the quality of materials.
For visualization I use Marmoset and Photoshop, for automatic post-processing I can use other programs, but mostly the above mentioned ones. Visualization includes, in general terms, an understanding of composition, as well as the theory of color, light and shadow.

You can see all the interesting stuff here ↙https://lnkd.in/dBJa3Hx6


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