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[PAID] Looking for 3D Artist to work on characters + animations for Unity project

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adev triangle
We are looking for an exeprienced 3D Artist to help us with the creation of characaters, and animating them for our Unity project. 

We are working on a city builder / colony sim project, Viking theme inspired, and would need Viking like characters for it. We already have the world built, with many buildings and the whole atmosphere set. You will be working closely with us concepting the characters, modeling/texturing and animating them. In the first few phases, we would need core animations for walking, idling and similar. References will be provided upfront. 

We are looking to achieve a stylized look for the characters, almost toony, as that's how our world is built like. 

The experience with Unity and its ecosystem is a big bonus. Please do attach your past work, references and portfolio in the message! 
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