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Hello everyone, I am doing poses of the character model I have developed in the past few months, in order to polish it and then import it to Unreal Engine and create renders.
The character I'm developing is Joker, based on his classic BTAS design, and I am aiming to create renders that resemble those seen in Smash Bros Ultimate.

 I've made these two and currently find myself undecided on which one I should go with for my next step. Which pose do you believe best aligns with my objectives? If you have any additional feedback, please do share!


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    it may help to do a google image search for "character pose sheet" and skim through and pay attention to what catches your eye the most. 

    Some general tips here: 
    Bring Energy and Life to Your Poses! | Art Rocket (clipstudio.net)

    What stands out to me with your poses is: 
    first one just isn't very exciting. Perhaps if he was arched back, wielding the card like it's a sledgehammer or something, to make it feel like when he lays it down, everyone is going to gasp at the revelation, it might feel better
    second one he feels off balance and i can't imagine how he got to this pose. is his leg on a prop?

    can also play the camera with the pose as well. like for the first pose maybe camera can be a little beneath him, angled up, kind of like the famous "here's johnny" scene. 

    A technical thing might be worth fixing is the skin weights at the elbows. If you sharpen the weights at the joint it wont have that noodle arm look. Back of the elbow should be a little more sharp and distinct and the inner elbow can be nearly overlapping.  
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