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[WIP] MINCOLINO - Final Year UE5 Cinematic


"Mincolino" is a game Cinematic about a wooden mink brought to life by alchemy and magic
- Core Team -
Charmaine Lim - Animation Lead 
Diego Mota - Director, Concept Art, Human 
Liam Walters - Environment Art Lead
Lua Havro -  Creature Art Lead 
Mishel Soghoyan - Producer, Real-time VFX Lead 
Aksynia Gatsenko - Animation
- Freelancers -
Caroline Coppenhall - Animation
Josh Popplewell - Credits
Klaudia Spiechowicz - Concept Art
Laura Estela Souza - Rigging
Alexander Silva - Animation
Jocelyn Auriel - Concept Art
Jacob Roberts - Composer
Georgia Rudd- Sound Design
An Inventor works on his wooden mink creation, he leaves in disappointment as the magical toy failed to work. Unbeknownst to him, the mink boots up. The magical creature looks around in awe before the Inventor catches sight of him. 
The chase begins!


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