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Can see through object on area that isn't transparent.

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TannedBatman polycounter lvl 6
Srgb is off on the AORoughnessMetallic also, ive already posted this on reddit and someone said check my normals but they are not flipped and seem fine. I have no clue what to do

Transparency is drawn from the alpha of this map which includes the base colour.

I hope I have given enough information that may be necessary. Thanks  :)


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    I think you should set the shader to masked rather than translucent. If that broken window is a different material and it shows through I think that indicates a sorting issue with translucency. 

    if that does not solve it you can double check the face normals be setting the shader to two sided. if that looks correct then you would need to flip those faces in your modeling application. 

    it may be worthwhile to show the alpha channel of the color/opacity texture.

    If you do intend for the windows to be translucent I am not sure the most appropriate way to handle that - i'd expect you should be able to use a mask and keep it a single material, however what I typically do is would make it a different material. A more techy artist might be able to suggest the best approach with that though
  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    ^^ correct, it is a sorting artefact related to using a translucent material

    Definitely don't use a translucent material on anything that isn't supposed to be translucent - there is no way to completely eliminate all the possible sorting/lighting artefacts that come with translucency and they are extremely expensive compared to non-translucent materials


    Translucent material on the glass
    Opaque material on everything else
    Masked for things like mesh fences / gratings where modelling them would mean too much geometry to render and you don't need the thickness. 

    you can re-use the textures between materials  - the engine will sort it all out
    ignore anyone who says the extra draw call is a problem - they are wrong in this context

    more complicated solution:
    you could use a masked material with TAA dithering for the glass - this is cheaper than translucency and does not exhibit sorting artefacts.  it does look a bit shit up close though 

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