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3D Artist / Generalist

Good day! I am looking for a full-time or part-time/project job as a 3D artist. I have about three years of formal work experience. I can work with the full cycle of character and environment creation (modeling, texturing, animation). Among my key skills is the ability to find solutions in non-standard situations (if they are). I also created a lot of 3D training material that helps me in my work, so I can create anything and solve any problem in 3D. I am constantly learning something new and improving my skills and work speed every day.

Programs I use at work:
- 3D MAX
- ZBrush
- Marvelous Designer
- SpeedTree

- Motion Builder
- Cascadeur

- Adobe Photoshop
- Substance Painter
- Quixel Mixer
- PixPlant

I am ready to consider any suggestions and hope that my skills will be useful to you.


Some Works:



Submarine MIR-1:

Switching Cabinet:

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