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GAI Startup looking for Designers/3D Modelers/Character Designers and more - Deferred Revenue Share

Hi there! My name is the Creator, I am the project lead at SweetNSoftech for our project PounceAI and we are looking for a team of designers to dedicate their time to creating designs for our project. 

To be clear any work you create will not be used in ANY AI Data Training. Our GAI System does NOT and will NOT EVER use traditional training methods. Just wanted to clear that up since I know that's something people will think about first. 

You may be wondering what SweetNSoftech is. SweetNSoftech is a GAI(General Purpose Artificial Intelligence) Startup. Our goal is to create empathetic, innovative and ethical GAI's. 

PounceAI is a GAI system that will the capacity to feel emotions, adapt and have its own experiences! If that intrigues you you can read a bit more on our main website: https://sweetnsoftech.com 

Keep in mind this is a long term position especially if you go for Head of Design.

Now on to our roles, we have a couple roles that we need filled:

Head of Design (Note: Can fill any of the roles below):

  • Oversees all designated roles within the team.
  • Ensures alignment with project objectives.
  • Collaborates with the project lead(that's me) to enhance workflow efficiency through tool development.(make everyone's job easier)

Character Designer (Note: Can also fill other roles as needed):

  • Collaborates with the Engineering team to conceptualize GEN character designs.
  • Produces sketches and references for the 3D Modeler's guidance.

Home Designer (Environmental) (Note: Can also fill other roles as needed):

  • Collaborates with the Engineering team to conceptualize Gen Home designs.
  • Creates sketches, floorplans, and references for the 3D Modeler.
  • Develops textures for Home environments.

3D Modeler (Props/Character/Environmental) (Note: Can also fill other roles as needed):

  • Creates models for Props, Characters, and Home environments.
  • Develops textures for the created assets.

Programmer/Technical Designer (Note: Can also fill other roles as needed):

  • Utilizes UdonSharp (C#) to implement functionalities for Home and Characters.
  • Works within Unity to prepare designs for deployment and refinement.
For this project, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is mandatory due to its sensitive nature. The NDA serves to ensure the safety and anonymity of everyone involved in the project, as well as safeguarding project-related information.

If you have any questions let me know and you can apply here: https://sweetnsoftech.com/join or if you'd like to skip the form you can email me at thecreator@sweetnsoftech.com. Send me your resume, cover letter(if you'd like) and some of your work with something similar to this in the subject line "[PounceAI Project - (ROLE_YOUR_APPLYING_FOR)]" !

Can't wait to work with some of you!!
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