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question for game devs

Ok so i'm trying to make a living with my craft like everyone else and I've decided that niches are the way to go. The niche i have leverage on is just the automotive field in general. By this i mean, i know the types of cars that are sought after, i know about badge engineering/ the chassis engine codes/ What company owns what company, the different types of motorsports, the entire anatomy of a car. 

For example....i know it's basically STUPID to try and do a "cool car" or normal popular cars you see in games since all around the web you can find free downloads of the specific model. It's the ones that don't that actually have prices on them. But even then don't even know how long realistically it will take for me to finish a model.

Gotten way farther than i used to i'll share some SSs.

Like if i were to do a Adventador or huracan i'd be wasting my time.. however if I did something like a Kia EV6

My question is specifically for devs building car games...I know there are licensing issues, also low poly runs better, and you guys need the cars to be "rigged"

what am i missing 


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