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Texture offset animation not rendering with Raytraced Depth of Field

Hello everyone, I'm having a weird issue where the Texture Offset U and Offset V I have animated just goes away if I turn on Raytraced DoF. This remains unchanged if I render it out as well. 

Post Effect DoF does not seem to have this issue. It took me more than an hour just to figure out this is a DoF issue and not something related to my file or keyframes.

Note: The offsets do work if they are static and do not have any keyframes, but don't when animated


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    Hello Please email us at support@marmoset.co with your scene bundle and mention in this topic:

    **Scene Bundle Export:**
    **1) **File > Export > Scene Bundle. (Save this to a newly created folder).
    **2) **The zip should contain: .tbscene file along with the /assets/ folder.
    **3) **Zip up the newly created folder and send it to our email.
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