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[CLOSED] Modeler and/or Rigger needed for a VTUBER character

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Stinkhorse polycounter lvl 12
I was contracted by my client to produce a character design for their vtuber model. This part of the project is complete and images of the design are attached.

My client now needs someone to model and rig the design for use with a vtuber set up. I'll pass your contact info/portfolio off to the client, and if they're interested they'll want you to provide a contract that includes whatever terms you feel are appropriate.

I'm acting purely as the middle man here.

Some or all of the qualifications my client is looking for:
- Online portfolio I can pass off to my client
- Experience of modelling and/or rigging for use with motion capture software
- Experience with strongman/beef cake character designs
- Comfortable with both hard and soft edge modelling

The design is for a blue collar dwarf that mixes both fantasy aesthetics and modern construction hardware.

Vtubers are a saturated market for twinks and waifs so the client is specifically angling for the beefcake/yaoi audience. In a perfect world with no limits I would be hooking them up with Albron111. If you're comfortable with this art style that would be a big plus.

High res detail sheet, turn-around, and custom brand marks will be provided once a contract with the client is signed.
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